What is Yoga for you?

What is Yoga for you?

What’s inside?

  • Sharing survey result which was conducted by Hith Yoga on “Yoga”?
  • Link of the survey to provide your contribution by giving the survey?

At Hith Yoga , we did a small survey to check why people do yoga or what does it mean to them. We know there are so many benefits of yoga that every age of people can have but knowing some of the views directly from the people through this survey is a good way to explore. We are publishing the results here – (lower the number better the ranking)

There could be multiple ways to see and analyse the outcome. One way to look could be that though yoga and yogic techniques were meant for a higher cause but in today’s context people have been using it to achieve many other goals. This is also encouraging for us, ‘yoga believers!’. If by-product of the practices can be so much popular (and can give extensive benefits), then the real benefit would surely be something we should strive for 🙂

If you also want to contribute to the survey by expressing your view, please take out 2 mins to fill this short survey. It will be interesting!!


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