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Overview of the Teachers Training

(200 Hours TTC, Yoga Alliance Certified) (3rd Feb - 5th March '20)

If you are looking to immerse yourself into a yoga teachers training course that has its roots in traditional yogic style but still is in sync with modern day application and case study based learnings, you would surely enjoy the course. After going through courses from various yoga schools and having understood the essence of various yoga teachers training programs available, we found out that there are many important factors that could make you a good teacher but are missing in the design stage itself.

We thought of designing a program that is more application oriented and that not only rewards knowledge but also develops the teachers analytically, behaviorally, on business fundamentals and work ethics. Another important fact is that a great amount of learning happens as you get out into the real world, where you apply these learning and face the incoming challenges that are different from a controlled class room setting. This course would shorten your learning curve, saving you a lot of precious time and would keep you ahead of the curve.

Our push to start a teacher’s training program of our own got impetus from the difficulties that we faced while searching for right yoga teachers for our studio. Invariably yoga studios find it difficult to engage with many good yoga teacher’s due to these missing aspects in the programs that they had undergone, though they may learn these over a period of time or after facing problems in setting up their own businesses/freelancing work bachelorarbeit schreiben lassen.

Understanding Yoga Teachers Training Program

Techniques ,Training and Practice

Yoga is more of an experiential learning subject, so a teacher’s training program should focus on your own learning, practice. This part of the teacher’s training program covers KNOWLEDGE FOR ONESELF (i.e. you), to learn, refine and practice and learn through one’s own experience and practice of yoga. 

Imagine how 25 days of rigorous Yoga practice (5 days for 5 weeks) would transform you and your perspective towards yoga. Each morning we would practice for 1.5 hours and do additional 30 minutes practice in the evenings.

We are sure that, how much ever rigorous it seems now, you would cherish it as one of the best decisions. Such rigorous practice when combined with yogics food, fire of Tapas, positivity will energize you for years to come. We would cover: 

  • Asanas, Pranayam 
  • Mudra, Bandhas 
  • Relaxation and Meditation
  • Kriyas

We give special focus on not just theory and practice but on actual real life application of these learnings in class room or outside the class. We will be covering 38 basic asanas, and related variations to adapt these as per specific requirements of people.

Teaching Methodology

Learning and practicing asanas, pranayam, philosophy, is the start of a journey of an individual for self development, but when you want to be a teacher, it is important to learn the techniques, methods and mindset for teaching others. Teaching Methodology (TM)  can be defined as – INSTRUCTION FOR TEACHING OTHERS. 

So these are softer and technical aspects that would make your classes, as a teacher, super exciting and would certainly make you famous amongst your students :-). Contradictions of specific asanas, adjustments cues, communication, language, tonality of your instructions while instructing a class, developing a rapport with the group, how to develop modules etc. This section would also cover marketing, business and legal aspects and for those of you who want to start on their own after the course, we would be happy to help with business aspects as well.

Anatomy & Physiology

Hatha Yoga deals a lot with your body so understanding the body’s internal structure, various systems (physical and non-physical), muscles and their interplay can make a lot of difference. We would understand Anatomical concepts from both (Modern Science and Ancient Yogic Science). Having an understanding of modern system can help you avoid injuries, bring in understanding when you deal with real life cases of people suffering from aches, pain, injuries or other diseases.

Yoga Philosophy

A teacher’s training program can not be complete without learning the philosophy and hidden knowledge in these ancient texts of Yoga. Knowing them, helps us in holistic perspective; it helps us to keep our teachings in the right direction. As you would agree Yoga is not just a physical culture but has much deeper roots, so moving on the path of teaching without philosophy would be similar to walking on a dark night without a torch.


When you have mastered the above subjects, it is time to start your journey to teach but oh wait! we give you ample opportunity to fasttrack your teaching experience when you are still in the course. Under the guidance of lead teacher and with the company of your Yoga mates from the course, what best can you ask for. Each day of teaching would bring in enormous learnings and exposure to the real world outside. 

Daily Schedule

9 AM - 11:00 AMYoga Asanas, Pranayama, Chanting and Relaxation
11:00 AM - 11:30 AMBreak/Free Time
11:30 AM - 12:30 PMYoga Philosophy
12:30 PM - 01:00 PMLunch
01:00 PM - 01:30 PMGroup Discussions (Assignment or teacher led)
01:30 PM - 02:30 PMAnatomy/Chanting
02:30 PM - 02:45 PMBreak
02:45 PM - 03:45 PMTeaching Methodology
03:45 PM - 04:45 PMEvening Yoga
04:45 PM - 05:15 PMDoubts - Discussion - Group Discussions

Fees Structure

Full Pricing – INR 92,750/- 

Early bird (Booking before 1st Nov 2019) – INR 79,750/-

* We do offer scholarships for students and people who can’t afford the fees but in such cases they are required to write a written test to become eligible for discounted fees.


It is a wonderful experience to be a part of Hith yoga. It is a blend of traditional knowledge and modern yoga. Excellent way of teaching along with beautiful chanting of mantras. I have changed totally as a human being since I have joined. It's been over five months and I simply feel refreshed and rejuvenated each day. Thanks it's simply awesome........

Shivani Kapur Gandhi [ Delhi Educational Professor ]
Shivani Kapur Gandhi [ Delhi Educational Professor ]

I was thinking about yoga for quite sometime and tried some group yoga classes but found that I was not getting the attention, I needed. I was cautious of the fact that without adequate guidance, I could pick up the wrong techniques and therefore injure myself. A friend had introduced Hitanshi as a “yoga- instructor” to me. In a short span of 3 months, I have found more flexibility and energy within me. She explained the “asanas” and made me aware about their effects on my body. The visualization and the understanding of its meaning enrich the action and helps me get it right. I would strongly recommend Hitanshi to anyone who is looking to get the fundamentals right and who wants a pace customized to their level of fitness.

Vineet S Jain, Ahmedabad [CEO Adani Power]
Vineet S Jain, Ahmedabad [CEO Adani Power]

Hitanshi is an excellent yoga teacher and I benefited a lot from her focussed lessons. She practices herself and demonstrates her teachings which aid the learner to perfect the asanas. Her insistence on correct pronouncements of slokas and names of asanas makes yoga more integrated and meaningful to the learner. I recommend her to all students of yoga ..."beginners and experienced".

Devang Desai, Ahmedabad [Group CEO Adani Group]
Devang Desai, Ahmedabad [Group CEO Adani Group]

Joinng Hith Yoga is the best thing happened in my life . I enjoyed staying in 8 mazor towns including metros n mini metros in my life before coming to Delhi but this town gave me the best of my fitness regime. Thanks to you guys. Gaurav is unique trainer who is an IITan , posses good ability to apply his sharp analytical skills to analyse the biological moment and prepare a Yogic Theoram for any Individual. Gourav drives the session in such a way that even some time i feel that the body parts are listening to him rather than our Mind.Hitanshi you carry deep knowledge of Yogic Science, you keep stydying the new things , organise the Yoga Camps in Natural locations ,your process and style of explaining the benefits of each Aasan along with the practice motivates a lot to perform the Yoga Practice . You guy's are fantastic and best of the club together. Best wishes .


Hitanshi is a highly dedicated Yoga therapist who motivates her students to practice Yoga as a form of holistic healing for the body and mind. Her ability to discern individual health problems and suggest exercises, asanas, pranayam and kriyas for addressing these has enabled many students like me to learn how to manage these better. Her energy and positive spirit are infectious and her crystal clear instructions enable the learners to be continuously conscious of maintaining the correct postures and breathing techniques. Hitanshi emphasizes the importance of relaxation and meditation during her classroom sessions, ensuring that the experience is energizing rather than tiring. It is invigorating to be in her class.

Kirtida Oza, Ahmedabad [Founder Director - Sjogren's India]

Highly recommended place. Love the yoga classes at Hith Yoga. Very good teachers provide personal guidance and care for every student. Got my first contact with yoga through them and will really keep on practicing even when I leave India.

Nicole Bergamaschi

Very nice place to relax oneself physically as well as mentally. The instructors are really good and very professional. Yoga and meditation with such an ease.....actually I had never thought of.Ambience and location also adds value to it. The centre positively recreates and rejuvenate the existence of oneself and makes you learn the art of expressing gratitude and valuing the other people in your life. Feel privileged to be associated with hith yoga and grateful to all my instructors.

Pankaj Agarwal

I love this yoga studio! They have excellent teachers and ethic. I am completely obsessed with yoga now and attend every class religiously. Must join!

Shree Vandana Kachroo
Shree Vandana Kachroo

Yoga is simply amazing it has changed my outlook towards life. The benefits are unaccountable. It’s a must practice for all. It has improved my sleep pattern, digestion and my way of thinking. 🙏AUM

Parikshitt Malik
Parikshitt Malik

I attended their session once a while back. I was stressed out from the work pressure of the whole day but their half an hour session calmed my mind. So I personally would request to anyone reading this review that just once attend their session, it would really help you out from getting out of stress. Thanks to Hith Yoga!

Arun Sharma
Arun Sharma

A life member at Hith yoga 🧘‍♀️ Truly love the ambience and the energy of the location . Gaurav and Hitanshi are truly devoted and committed in enabling and providing the most passionate yogis as instructors .
Truly love 💕 the practice and the facilities !
Will highly recommend to one and all.

Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma

I heartily recommend this yoga class in Dehli. I enjoyed very much practicing in such a coocooning place and it felt like a peaceful moment in the center the bustling city. The teachers are very considerate as they really care about each person's level and correct your position if needed with a lot of care and respect. It is a small group and I appreciated the composition of the course, wisely balanced between body strengthening, deeper postures and relaxing times. I hope I will have the opportunity to join this class again!

Marie-alix Puech
Marie-alix Puech

I signed up for Hith Yoga about a month ago, this has been an unique experience of practicing extremely rewarding versions of various yoga techniques.
I strongly recommend this to everyone.

Atul Dev Sarmah
Atul Dev Sarmah

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I have never done yoga, can I join the teacher’s training program?

Yes, definitely. But we would recommend that start practicing yoga as soon as you decide that you want to become a yoga teacher. Your past practice will surely help you learn better in the course.

What is the medium of instruction during the course?

The classes and sessions would happen in English, you could call us or write to us if you have difficulty in understanding English but are still interested to go ahead with the course

I have medical conditions, can I still become a teacher?

Please write to us to mention the problems and medical conditions. In general, if you have the will to learn, improve and work on yourself, we don’t see any issues.

What is Yoga Alliance? How will Yoga Alliance Certification help me?

Yoga Alliance (https://yogaalliance.org/) is a U.S. based nonprofit membership trade and professional organization for yoga teachers. Yoga Alliance® is the largest nonprofit association representing the yoga community. The Yoga Alliance states that its registry is a voluntary credentialing system. The teacher registry is not a certification program, but a listing of teachers who meet Yoga Alliance’s Requirements for teaching experience and have completed their training at a Registered Yoga School.

Almost all the yoga studios across the globe will recognize the certification but you should check with yoga studios in your home country if you are considering working for a studio post the course.

Please note that there are many such credentialing bodies with very similar names.

What are various organizations that give Yoga certification to Yoga Schools?

There are many organizations that award the certification to Yoga schools/Yoga teaching schools so that these schools can then award certificates to students. Mostly certificates issued by these schools should have logos of these schools.

Let us have a look at a few organizations:

  1. Yoga Alliance USA – www.yogaalliance.org (Started in 1999) – Yoga school has to renew the registration each year
  2. Yoga Alliance International, India Based – https://yogaalliance.in/(Could not find the date of formation) – Yoga School just needs to register once
  3. QCI certification – It is a voluntary certification of Yoga professionals, started by Govt of India – http://www.yogacertification.qci.org.in/
  4. There are others
How do I decide which certification would work for me?

Decision to opt for a relevant certifying body (Yoga Alliance or any other) should be done based on your objective to teach yoga, after you complete your course. For eg, if your sole objective is to apply for government jobs in India, then QCI certification would help more. Also, if you want to try out job outside India or apply for Visa or are considering settling outside India, then best way is to check with Yoga studios or online job boards where you plan to go. Most of the job boards (offline/online) generally specifies the kinds of accreditation they look for.

How can I become a registered Yoga Alliance member?

If your school is recognized by Yoga alliance – Look for RYS logo on the website then you can get your Yoga Alliance membership. Here is the criteria from the Yoga alliance website – To become a RYT, you must:

  1. Complete training with a Registered Yoga School (RYS®) at the 200- or 500-hour level
  2. Pay the applicable fees
  3. Review your RYS’s training

(Last updated 11th Sept 2019)

Will I get a certificate at the end of the program? Can I start teaching right after the program?

We would be happy to award certificate to all the participants but we want to ensure minimum standard of students after doing the course. This is very important as you would be shouldering a great responsibility to spread the knowledge of yoga in right manner. Final certificate would be dependent on your overall performance during the course and in the final examination.

Will the program cover the business or freelancing aspects of yoga?

Yes, we have given hours to specifically cover these topics. And we would be more than happy to help you in your journey to set up your own freelancing or entrepreneurial venture.

After the course is completed we could help you in 2 ways:

  1. Development of your online presence through website, facebook, instagram, SEO for websites
  2. Hith Yoga franchise, you could use Hith Yoga’s brand name. This would have support such as Website development, facebook, instagram posts. Help in starting batches, planning modules and workshops and Retreats.
  3. Hith Yoga franchise with sales support, over and above point number 2 we would also provide sales and member conversion support.

You could write to us to get further details.


Fees Includes
* Fees and teaching charges
* Certificate
* Lunch (Vegetarian Meal)
* Study Material
* Snacks/Fruits, Tea during the day


Fees does not include
* Breakfast, Dinner
* Stay
* Travel to the Teachers Training Center

Terms and Conditions

  • Please make full Payment to book your slot


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