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Why Hith Yoga?

Hith Yoga provides Yoga Studio Classes (DLF Phase 4 – Gurgaon, Defence Colony – Delhi), Home Yoga Tuition (Gurgaon and South Delhi) and Corporate Workshops. We are sure to redefine the way you look at your own or your organization’s health culture. So get ready to become part of a Yoga community that would surely energize you both physically and mentally. Our offerings are engaging and result oriented. Our team is professional and caring!

If you value a quality yogic experience, we have some of the best yoga teachers in Delhi, Gurgaon. This exceptional experience ensues in all our efforts and yoga classes. Here with our group of passionate yogis and teachers, you would get a complete team to assist you. You could come to our classes, join us in our retreats which are fixed departure/private/corporate or call us up for yoga and stress management workshops at your organization. After all, no investment can be bigger that health!

Join us in this beautiful journey and if you feel that you are missing out because of some reasons where we could be of any help, do not hesitate to call us up!

Schedule for Gurgaon

7:15 AM - 8:15 AM----
8:30 AM - 9:30 AM
10:00 AM - 11:00 AMAppointment OnlyAppointment OnlyAppointment OnlyAppointment OnlyAppointment Only
7:15 PM - 8:15 PM----

Package for Gurgaon

PlansOne MonthThree Month
Yoga8 classes Rs 2900/-24 classes Rs 8000/-
Yoga12 classes Rs 3500/-36 classes Rs 9000/-
Yoga16 classes Rs 4000/-48 classes Rs 11,000/-
Yoga12 group sessions + 8 one-on-one classes
Rs 7000/-
36 group sessions + 24 one-on-one classes
Rs 20,000/-
Yoga+Diet36 classes + 12 Diet Consultations
Rs 16000/-
Yoga+Diet48 classes + 12 Diet Consultations
Rs 18000/-
Please Note: Fewer than 8 classes, the charges would be Rs 500 per class

Registration Fees : 1000 INR


Why should I book a trial class?

Coming to a trial class helps you answer questions such as:

– Are the teachers friendly and well-trained?
– Are the teachers easily approachable? This is especially important if you’re new to yoga and have questions for them.
– Do you enjoy group classes?
– Are your fellow practitioners friendly and supportive?
– Do you find the ambience of the studio appealing?

I'm a beginner, what kind of class should I take? Also, what types of yoga do you offer?
  • The answer depends on your fitness goals and current physical condition.

    Therefore, we’d recommend that you first book a trial class, come in a 10min early and meet the teacher.

    Tell them what you’re looking for and they’ll guide you.

    PS: You can book any style of trial class. Your goal is to meet and speak the teacher. And also to get comfortable with our studio in general.

What should I bring to class? What should I wear? What about my food?

Have your mat handy? Bring it along. Don’t have one? You can use one of guest mats for the trial class.

Comfort is important during a yoga class. So dress accordingly.

Yoga is practiced barefoot. Wear whatever shoes you’d like to the class, but take your shoes off before entering the yoga room.

You can eat a light meal up to 90 minutes before yoga practice.

I'm not very flexible. Will I have to bend in uncomfortable ways?

Not at all. Your flexibility will increase as you practice yoga.You should not be uncomfortable. Yoga is about your own level of comfort. So take it easy, enjoy your practice and don’t forget to have fun!

Will it help me to lose weight? Which type of yoga should I go for?

Yes, you can lose weight. Keeping in mind that losing weight is a combination of food and exercise. Yoga works on increasing the metabolic rate, balancing hormones and creating a relaxed state. This helps you burn more calories.
Both Power Yoga and Hatha Yoga will help you to reduce weight.

I have a slight back pain. What kind of yoga would suit me best?

Have back pain, consult your doctor, rule out the possibility of slip disc or any serious back conditions. Our teachers will guide you with modifications in asanas to suit your condition. Both Power Yoga and Hatha Yoga can help relieve back pain.

Will my schedule be flexible?

Yes. Check out daily schedule below. When you register, you’ll choose one of the plans that suit you best. Once you’ve chosen a plan – say our “3 days a week” plan, you can choose which days to come in each week. Whatever works best for you.

I'm pregnant, can I still do yoga?

Yes, but always check with your doctor first to be safe. The breathing while holding a difficult pose will teach you to be comfortable when uncomfortable, which is a nice skill to have when you go into labor.

Do you have Teachers Training? Do you have personal classes? Do you do corporate training?

Yes, yes and yes 🙂


It is a wonderful experience to be a part of Hith yoga. It is a blend of traditional knowledge and modern yoga. Excellent way of teaching along with beautiful chanting of mantras. I have changed totally as a human being since I have joined. It's been over five months and I simply feel refreshed and rejuvenated each day. Thanks it's simply awesome........

Shivani Kapur Gandhi [ Delhi Educational Professor ]
Shivani Kapur Gandhi [ Delhi Educational Professor ]

I was thinking about yoga for quite sometime and tried some group yoga classes but found that I was not getting the attention, I needed. I was cautious of the fact that without adequate guidance, I could pick up the wrong techniques and therefore injure myself. A friend had introduced Hitanshi as a “yoga- instructor” to me. In a short span of 3 months, I have found more flexibility and energy within me. She explained the “asanas” and made me aware about their effects on my body. The visualization and the understanding of its meaning enrich the action and helps me get it right. I would strongly recommend Hitanshi to anyone who is looking to get the fundamentals right and who wants a pace customized to their level of fitness.

Vineet S Jain, Ahmedabad [CEO Adani Power]
Vineet S Jain, Ahmedabad [CEO Adani Power]

Hitanshi is an excellent yoga teacher and I benefited a lot from her focussed lessons. She practices herself and demonstrates her teachings which aid the learner to perfect the asanas. Her insistence on correct pronouncements of slokas and names of asanas makes yoga more integrated and meaningful to the learner. I recommend her to all students of yoga ..."beginners and experienced".

Devang Desai, Ahmedabad [Group CEO Adani Group]
Devang Desai, Ahmedabad [Group CEO Adani Group]

Joinng Hith Yoga is the best thing happened in my life . I enjoyed staying in 8 mazor towns including metros n mini metros in my life before coming to Delhi but this town gave me the best of my fitness regime. Thanks to you guys. Gaurav is unique trainer who is an IITan , posses good ability to apply his sharp analytical skills to analyse the biological moment and prepare a Yogic Theoram for any Individual. Gourav drives the session in such a way that even some time i feel that the body parts are listening to him rather than our Mind.Hitanshi you carry deep knowledge of Yogic Science, you keep stydying the new things , organise the Yoga Camps in Natural locations ,your process and style of explaining the benefits of each Aasan along with the practice motivates a lot to perform the Yoga Practice . You guy's are fantastic and best of the club together. Best wishes .


Hitanshi is a highly dedicated Yoga therapist who motivates her students to practice Yoga as a form of holistic healing for the body and mind. Her ability to discern individual health problems and suggest exercises, asanas, pranayam and kriyas for addressing these has enabled many students like me to learn how to manage these better. Her energy and positive spirit are infectious and her crystal clear instructions enable the learners to be continuously conscious of maintaining the correct postures and breathing techniques. Hitanshi emphasizes the importance of relaxation and meditation during her classroom sessions, ensuring that the experience is energizing rather than tiring. It is invigorating to be in her class.

Kirtida Oza, Ahmedabad [Founder Director - Sjogren's India]

Highly recommended place. Love the yoga classes at Hith Yoga. Very good teachers provide personal guidance and care for every student. Got my first contact with yoga through them and will really keep on practicing even when I leave India.

Nicole Bergamaschi

Very nice place to relax oneself physically as well as mentally. The instructors are really good and very professional. Yoga and meditation with such an ease.....actually I had never thought of.Ambience and location also adds value to it. The centre positively recreates and rejuvenate the existence of oneself and makes you learn the art of expressing gratitude and valuing the other people in your life. Feel privileged to be associated with hith yoga and grateful to all my instructors.

Pankaj Agarwal

I love this yoga studio! They have excellent teachers and ethic. I am completely obsessed with yoga now and attend every class religiously. Must join!

Shree Vandana Kachroo
Shree Vandana Kachroo

Yoga is simply amazing it has changed my outlook towards life. The benefits are unaccountable. It’s a must practice for all. It has improved my sleep pattern, digestion and my way of thinking. 🙏AUM

Parikshitt Malik
Parikshitt Malik

I attended their session once a while back. I was stressed out from the work pressure of the whole day but their half an hour session calmed my mind. So I personally would request to anyone reading this review that just once attend their session, it would really help you out from getting out of stress. Thanks to Hith Yoga!

Arun Sharma
Arun Sharma

A life member at Hith yoga 🧘‍♀️ Truly love the ambience and the energy of the location . Gaurav and Hitanshi are truly devoted and committed in enabling and providing the most passionate yogis as instructors .
Truly love 💕 the practice and the facilities !
Will highly recommend to one and all.

Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma

I heartily recommend this yoga class in Dehli. I enjoyed very much practicing in such a coocooning place and it felt like a peaceful moment in the center the bustling city. The teachers are very considerate as they really care about each person's level and correct your position if needed with a lot of care and respect. It is a small group and I appreciated the composition of the course, wisely balanced between body strengthening, deeper postures and relaxing times. I hope I will have the opportunity to join this class again!

Marie-alix Puech
Marie-alix Puech

I signed up for Hith Yoga about a month ago, this has been an unique experience of practicing extremely rewarding versions of various yoga techniques.
I strongly recommend this to everyone.

Atul Dev Sarmah
Atul Dev Sarmah

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