Energy Healers

Pranic Healer


I have always been interested in physics and the undiscovered truths that might or might not be unravelled at some point of time. Having a background in engineering and psychology, I found what I was looking for in Pranic healing. The true power of intention, the invisible energy field that is created by brain.
It is everything I believed in and more, it is not a modality that is blindly followed but has many experimentations done that finds it to be true, (https://www.pranichealingresearch.com/)
Practising loving kindness, having gratitude in your heart at all times are few of its teachings.

I was introduced to this world by my friend who has been a pranic healer since 2014, although initially I didn’t show much interest, it was when one day I had a headache due to which I wasn’t able to concentrate, she was right beside me and asked after 5 minutes as how I was feeling. I hadn’t noticed but the pain had stopped and my curiosity for pranic healing and the will to learn it arose.
I took regular sessions for myself that made me felt light and calm. And after a few days did the course to become a healer and now provide pranic healing for physical ailments and pranic psychotherapy.


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