Benefits of Yoga

Benefits of Yoga

The ancient Indian practice of yoga has survived for thousands of years, and continues to be practiced till date. Why? It is because the benefits of yoga are numerous and impact all aspects of the mind and body. This ancient Indian discipline can truly elevate your lifestyle, provide you pain and problem alleviation without any side effects. Intrigued and want to know more about the benefits of yoga? Read on – 

The Benefits of Yoga

Divided into three major categories, here are the major benefits of yoga that you should know about – 

Physical Benefits of Yoga – 

  • Do not be fooled by the slow nature of yoga and the deceptively-simple looking asanas. Yoga can pack a powerful calorie burn, and is a great cardiovascular exercise that will have you huffing and sweating in no time. 
  • Beyond the calorie burn, yoga also promotes strength training and muscle development. You do not need any equipment – yogic asanas effectively use your own body weight to stimulate and tone your muscles. This means a higher and more efficient metabolism, which means you shed off more fat in the long run.
  • Our sedentary lifestyle means that we often lose our flexibility as we grow older, and this process can become even more problematic for those who have desk jobs. Indeed, stiff shoulders may become a part of your everyday life. But with yoga, you can not only regain, but also enhance the mobility and flexibility of your body, which means less pain and more productivity.
  • Another issue that our lifestyle has led to is the problem of chronic illnesses – hypertension, hormonal disorders etc. are very common in the world today, and taking medication for them means dealing with a number of side effects. With yoga however one can find a natural way to control and prevent these problems, without any side effects, making it one of the best benefits of yoga. 

Mental Benefits of Yoga – 

The mental benefits of yoga are as rich as the physical benefits. Western exercises do provide significant stress reduction, especially through the release of endorphins. But yoga goes beyond this, and promotes not only relaxation and stress reduction, but also peace, harmony, balance, concentration, enhanced memory, and many other mental benefits. 

Thus, while you may come back from an exercise session happy, a yogic session will leave you feeling grounded, mindful, joyful, and at peace, all of which make it a discipline worth pursuing. 

Spiritual Benefits of Yoga

The ancient practice of yoga did not develop in a vacuum – it has deep links with the practice of meditation, and roots in the Indian philosophy. Even for those who are not religious, yoga can become a tool to explore their life, its meaning, and the connection  that they have with the grander scheme of things and the universe. Thus, yoga is not just physical or emotional – it is also contemplative, reflective, and both inwards and outwards looking. 

Yoga Studio Near Me 

Now you may be thinking – how can I achieve these benefits of yoga? The best way to do so would be to join a yoga studio as these can provide you will a readily available and established place where all you have to do is show up in your gym clothes and be ready to go! This way, you will not injure yourself at home or be confused or forced to follow numerous different videos or routines to get a good session in.

Yoga Studio in Delhi 

The metropolitan city of Delhi, capital of the country, pays a lot of attention to health and fitness, and so, you are likely to find a lot of yoga studios here. But will all of them provide you with the benefits of yoga equally? No, of course not. There will always be that one place which will provide you more and get you going like no other plae does.

Hith Yoga – Best Yoga Studio 

In the case of the NCR region, this one place a cut above the rest is Hith Yoga Studio. Hith Yoga understands that to get the best benefits of yoga, you need a comfortable and facilitative ambience, teachers well-versed not only in the knowledge of yoga but also in observation and communication, and a varied introduction to the discipline which includes retreats and private classes. With clients including corporations such as Pepsi, Policy Bazar, and Times of India, and numerous undertakings for government agencies, Hith Yoga is one of the most well-known names in the yoga and wellness circuit that you will find. So if you want to get introduced to the world of wellness in the best ways possible, or take your yoga skills up a notch, contact Hith yoga today and enjoy the benefits of yoga for yourself. Here is all that you can look forward to – 

  • World class and facilitative ambience, with air purifiers in every studio class.
  • Expert, trained teachers who know the discipline in depth
  • The chance to participate in yogic retreats that combine fun, travel, and exercise
  • The option to choose personal training at your home for the utmost convenience and focus

Yoga and Mental HealthJoining a yoga class will not only help you keep physically fit, but it can also have a great positive impact on your mental health. Today, our lifestyle, driven by work and technology, has torn us apart from each other and created vacuums in our emotional and mental well being. Anxiety and depression are at an all time high across the world, and these can take away from your happiness and wellbeing just as much as any physical illness would. While medical and psychological support is essential in many cases, yoga can become a great way for you to exercise and stimulate your mind and brain, while also helping your body deal with the physical symptoms of mental illness. So if you or a loved one is facing these problems, do consider the benefits of yoga in providing much needed relief and balance in your life. 

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