Prevent Knee Pain- Follow These Six Simple Yet Unique Tips

Prevent Knee Pain- Follow These Six Simple Yet Unique Tips


We have been so busy with our lives that we never gave enough time to ourselves. But this pandemic has made us realise how vital our health is and how staying fit and healthy can provide us with all the happiness in life. Staying home for three months gave us enough time to take care of ourselves and reveal a new individual in us. I have been suffering from knee pain since months but didn’t have enough time to treat it. But these three months gave me enough time to help me treat my knee pain at home.

According to statistics, 15 crore people in India are suffering from knee arthritis out of which four crore people have to undergo knee replacement. This is 15 times higher than the knee problems in western countries. China being the most populated country in the world, has only six crore people dealing with knee issues. This is because they are more aware and concerned about their health and work out solutions for the same.

Earlier this problem was majorly found in men after 60 and women in their 50s. But this problem has now become common even with people with age 30 and above. This is mainly due to the lifestyle that we have adopted. Most of the doctors recommend surgery or knee replacements. But this is what most people avoid. Various exercises and physiotherapy sessions can be beneficial in this regard and have shown positive results. But there can be simple tips which we can regularly follow to prevent ourselves from the problem of knee pain.

Tips On How To Prevent Knee Pain At Home

They say prevention is better than cure. It is important that whenever we encounter minor issues with the knee, we should find it’s cure immediately. By making simple changes in our lifestyle, we can help in preventing the condition from getting worse. A minor problem can lead to severe injuries like arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, etc. It is, therefore, necessary to have a protein and calcium-rich diet so that such conditions can be prevented. For the mild knee pain, we can deal with the problem at the comfort of our home with simple lifestyle changes.

Let’s Discuss 6 Such Tips That Can Be Practised To Help Prevent The Problem Of Knee Pain. 

  1. It should be ensured that we eat a proper and nutritious diet which keeps our weight under control. In India, most of the population is dealing with the issue of obesity which is one of the leading causes of knee pain. It is, therefore, necessary that we should stay fit and healthy and practice yoga and exercises regularly to watch out for our weight. 
  2. One must be careful with wearing the right shoes and slippers. The sole of the shoe must be very comfortable and soft so that it does not exert pressure on the knees. One must also avoid wearing high heels, especially pencil heels for too long as it will put pressure and pain in the knees. So it is advisable to invest in a good pair of shoes so that the feet feel comfortable and light while walking.
  3. It is commonly observed in India that there is a lack of vitamin D in people, especially in women. Therefore, incorporating vitamin D in your diet is essential. The best source of vitamin D is the sun. So, one should try to sit in the sun every day for a few minutes to get that dose of daily vitamin which the body needs. Ensure eating vitamin D rich food, and get your vitamin levels checked regularly. Suppose it is deficient in visiting your doctor and takes medicines to make up for the deficit of vitamin D in the body. Also, increase your intake of calcium. Include drumsticks in your diet, which is an excellent source of calcium. Another thing is to increase the intake of fluids, especially water and see that you sit and slowly drink water. If we drink water while standing the water goes into our knees which leads to joint and knee pain.
  4. If you have any issue or problem in your ankle whether it is a minor injury, a sprain or a fracture ensure to get it treated properly as it can also lead to severe knee pain. The hip, ankle and knee are a single unit, so any problem to one part will affect the other automatically. Therefore get a good massage or seek a physiotherapist to resolve the issue. Also, ensure your posture if you are having knee issues. Try not to sit cross-legged or for long hours. Try to sit on a chair and avoid sitting on lower levels. 
  5. Walking is considered as the best way to reduce weight, and most people resort to walking to maintain their weight. Now the thing with walking is that different people will have a different walking speed which depends on many factors like the height of the other individual. The one with more height will walk more briskly and fast than the one with short height. And most people believe that walking briskly and fastly will help them lose weight because of which they put all the pressure on their toes or walk in an uncomfortable way which exerts pressure on the knees. There is a right way of walking which should be followed for significant weight loss. 
  6. In Ayurveda, there are three kinds of doshas in an individual’s body- Vata, Kapha and pitta. It is believed that people belonging to the category of Vata are more prone to knee-related issues. This is because they are very active, physically and mentally. The air element causes their mood and energy to fluctuate tremendously. They become cold and dry and like humid and warm weather. They also don’t take care of their diet properly, and so they encounter the problem of knee pain. Try giving a day in a month to yourself and get a knee massage done or do it yourself to keep it lubricated and ensure it’s proper functioning. If possible, go for a full body massage. 

If you are suffering from severe knee pain, you can also try this remedy which has been tried and tested in New York and has turned out to be very useful. Take some castor oil and dip a thick cloth in it. Then wrap that cloth around your knee and give it a fair amount of steam with the help of a steamer or a cloth dipped with hot water. This will help in reducing knee pain by 90%. This has been practised since ancient times by our ancestors but had lost its importance, and now the same technique is being used across the globe.


Making simple changes in your lifestyle can help you in providing you relief from knee pain, following these simple yet unique tips to ensure the proper functioning of your knees and cure them at the initial stage so that you don’t come under the strata of 4 crore people who need a knee replacement. Give some time to yourself and try inculcating these tips in your life to keep yourself healthy and free from all ailments. 

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