3 Best Exercises For Knee Pain

3 Best Exercises For Knee Pain


Before moving on to our topic for this article “3 Best Exercises For Knee Pain”, Let’s Hear Out A Story

I remember the pain my mother has gone through because of the knee pain. She visited many doctors and would get relief temporarily. Most of the doctors would suggest her to go for knee replacement surgery which she didn’t want to go for. She then switched to some exercises recommended by her physiotherapist, which was suggested by one of her friends which gave her quite a relief. This is where she also discovered yoga and how some yoga asanas can help in relieving the knee pain considerably.

Knee pain might seem a minor issue, but it can be excruciating. It interferes in your physical movement and makes it difficult. This problem affects approximately 19% of the world’s population. It has affected around 20 million people in the United States, with over 600,000 knee replacements occurring every year.

Common Causes Of Knee Pain

Before we step into the solution, we first need to understand the leading cause of knee pain among individuals. The common causes of knee pain include injuries to the structure of the knee, sprain and strain, overuse, infections, bad posture, stretching the muscles improperly, etc.

Exercises For Knee Pain 

Doing rigorous physical exercises can cause problems with the knee. Therefore switching to yoga and physiotherapy can be a better option as yoga gently provides relief from knee pain without exerting much pressure on the body. There are many yoga asanas which are specifically designed for providing relief in knee pain. These asanas focus on strengthening the Quadriceps (knee extensors), Hamstrings (knee flexors), Hip adductors (inner thighs) and Hip abductors (outer thighs) which are the main contributors of knee pain. Yoga will help in strengthening and stretching these four muscles and provide relief in knee pain.

3 Best Exercises For Knee Pain

If you are someone who is having minor pain in the knee or is having knee pain because of the age factor, you should certainly try these exercises, which will reduce your pain to a great extent. If you have a severe injury or ligament tear, in that case, visit your doctor or physiotherapist. Practising these exercises regularly will help you provide relief from knee pain by 90%. The research in the New England journal suggests that exercise and physical therapy are equally effective as surgery for relief from chronic knee pain. Let’s discuss three exercises that will help you immensely in providing relief from knee pain. These exercises are recommended by yoga instructors and physiotherapists in providing effective relief from knee pain.

  1. The first exercise is from the physiotherapy and is very effective in reducing knee pain. This is known as the small arch cord. For this, you need to use a pillow or small cushion. Now you need to fold the cushion and place it under your knee. You need to sit straight while doing this exercise because that will be more effective. But if you have back issues, then you can take the support of the wall. You can also practice this exercise by lying down on the floor. Now lift your leg and tuck your toes inside for a few seconds and then keep them back. Tucking your toes inside will activate the watercress which helps in providing relief. Then slightly fold your knee and raise your leg up and then down. This has to be done ten times with one knee. The same can be repeated on the other knee. Once you have gained confidence and become comfortable with the exercise, you can increase it up to 20 times. 

  1. The next exercise is the yoga asanas named Setu bandha asana or commonly known as the bridge pose is also very beneficial in providing relief from knee pain. For this asana, Start by lying on your back. Now bend your knees and keep your feet on the floor. There should be a cushion between both your legs. The knees and ankles should be in a straight line. Keep your arms resting beside your body and palms facing downwards. Now inhale and lift your back from the floor while pressing the cushion tightly between your legs. One thing that needs to be understood is that you do not raise your back too much. Lift only up to that point where you can stay without having a jerk. Now relax and come back to the normal position. Repeat this asana ten times and see the immense benefits it provides by doing it regularly.

  1. Next up is the Supta Padangusthasana asana, also known as the reclined hand to big toe pose. This is also very helpful in providing relief from knee pain. It involves a lot of stretching, which opens up your legs completely. For this asana, lie down on your back with your legs outstretched. Bend your knee and bring it close to your chest. Then tie a dupatta or a belt which does not stretch around your foot. Hold the end of the dupatta with your hands. Now straighten your leg towards the ceiling while holding the dupatta. Ensure that your body is resting on the floor, and the other foot is flexed and pressing towards the floor. Ensure that your knees don’t bend; otherwise, the asana will not be useful. Try to keep the leg at a position where your knee doesn’t bend. Also, try to keep your toes pointed and hold your legs for 5 to 10 seconds. Now bend your knee and bring it back to the chest and join it with your other knee and come back to the normal position. Repeat this three times on each side from your left and your right knee. This asana works on your hamstrings and calves, which help in providing relief from knee pain. It also provides comfort from back pain. 


Knee pain can cause one to become irritating and anxious. So to avoid such a situation, start practising these three exercises which are very useful in providing relief from knee pain. If you know someone who is suffering from knee pain or needs help, you can recommend them these exercises and doing it regularly for up to a month will yield great results. I hope this article will help the ones who are suffering from knee pain and looking for solutions.

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