The Top 10 Yoga trends in the past decade

The Top 10 Yoga trends in the past decade

Yoga has gained incredible popularity around the globe. But if you are tired with the same old yoga sessions, then here are ten yoga trends you can try to spice up your workout routines:

Aerial Yoga

Top 10 Yoga Trends from the Past Decade: Aerial Yoga

Yoga invented in India is the practice that encourages the harmony of body, mind, and spirit. It is a spiritual science that gives a sense of oneness. Yoga has been in our culture for centuries, and nowadays, more and more people are drawn to this ancient Indian science. Health experts globally improvised this technique to devise a more focused and interactive yoga trend to solve the fitness and health issues of people. One such popular trend which has shaped the past decade is Aerial yoga. Aerial yoga is devised in a manner that supports the yogi in a hammock or rope hung from the ceiling making it equivalent to floating in the air. Apart from this being fun and looking super cool, aerial yoga also provides a wide range of benefits. Since this yoga lets you remain suspended in mid-air it gives your joints get a break from carrying the body weight. It also improves strength and balance. Aerial yoga helps your vertebrae decompress and is greatly beneficial for posture. If you are scared of heights, you may skip to the next one.

Musical Yoga

Top 10 Yoga Trends from the Past Decade: Musical Yoga

The fitness industry is witnessing a huge surge in yoga trends and participants. Almost everyone today has cultivated yoga into their lifestyle. However, this is not exactly what the name suggests. It is not a dance routine. Musical yoga is mostly practiced by yoga aficionados with their choice of music playing in the background. Usually, people who love music and hate dull atmosphere are more open to this form of yoga. It makes the sessions more interactive and engaging as the human sensory system responds very well to music. Yogis can get into yoga postures along with the rhythm of the music and this adds a lot of vibrant energy. At the end of a musical yoga session, you will surely have enhanced stamina and a happy mood.

Beer Yoga

Top 10 Yoga Trends from the Past Decade: Beer Yoga

Yes, you got that right! Beer yoga has dominated the yoga trends in the past decade or so as now participants get to practise yoga along with their favourite beer. To many, it may sound funky, as beer yoga is nothing but simply practising the yoga asanas while sipping beer. Beer has many health benefits apart from being the go-to drink of many people. Beer contains many active ingredients that help an individual to calm down. This calming effect makes a person relaxed and focused on energies. However, beer yoga has received flak from many yoga gurus as they consider it as a waste of time and energy. Experts suggest that beer yoga has quickly escalated the number of participants in a yoga class within a short period.

Chair Yoga

Top 10 Yoga Trends from the Past Decade: Chair Yoga

If you believe in self-love, that means you like to relax your mind and body while challenging yourself. Just like the name suggests, practicing Chair Yoga means focusing on breathing techniques while seated on a chair. This is great especially for beginners, elderly, people with illness or injury, or those who want a gentler and an easy form of yoga. Chair yoga is also for those who suffer chronic joint aches. To practice Chair Yoga, you can just sit on a chair, or stand on it for poses that require you to stand. Chairs are also a kind of furniture which easily available everywhere, at homes, offices, etc. so during one of your hectic days, you can just perform breathing exercises while seated on a chair. If you are a fitness enthusiast and like to stretch your fitness boundaries, you may find this yoga trend silly. But it does wonders for lazy people and also for people who are unable to squeeze out time for workouts. You may question the purpose of Chair yoga as it only requires you to sit in one place. This form of yoga is not for building core strength or physical activity. Chair yoga taps into your breathing power and how you can control your breathing. This brings mindfulness and balance in your body and mind. It is all about being in sync with your breath and your vibrations, and Chair yoga serves just right. The goal of Chair Yoga is not about learning various yogic techniques or build physical strength. Rather, it puts prominence on movement and presence and strengthens the inner-self. Life is about trying different things as long as it gives you peace and joy.

Yoga Wheels

Top 10 Yoga Trends from the Past Decade: Yoga Wheels

Yoga entered the mainstream markets at first as a simple and easy way to unite oneself in a harmony of mind and body. But with the word mainstream, attempts to grab attention become the target. With easy access to the multitude of different media at our fingertips, industries are willing to do anything to stand out. That is how Yoga trends came into being. Trends excite the masses but fade out after some time. Just like seasons, they come and go. One such yoga trend is Yoga on wheels. It is the art of practicing yoga with a wheel that helps you with various poses. You can include yoga with wheels in your daily routine as well. It will help you to deepen your backbends. You can easily do forearm-stands along with the help of a yoga wheel. This will improve stability as it acts as a counterweight to secure yourself when your legs are up in the air. The yoga wheel surprisingly also benefits core workouts. This yoga trend is however designed for experienced yogis, who are at an advanced level of yoga practice. In case, you are a beginner looking to explore yoga trends you should try this one out with a certified guide/instructor.

Eco Yoga

Top 10 Yoga Trends from the Past Decade: Eco Yoga

An open-air space is considered best to practice Yoga. It is devised to practice yoga amidst nature. Eco Yoga is much beyond taking your yoga routine outside. It is about re-establishing your connection with nature. This is very popular amongst all yoga trends as outdoor spaces are a luxury in the concrete jungle. Our modern-day lives force us to spend the maximum amount of our time indoors. Whether on a computer station or at a gym, we are stuck indoors for most of the day. This urban set-up drains our energy and affects our minds negatively. That is why most people suffer from mood fluctuations and irritable nature. Being outdoors in nature can benefit our health and boost energy levels. Studies have shown time and again that exercising, or just spending time outdoors reduces stress levels and enhances our mood. Yoga in the parks has become a common sight. If you think eco yoga is for you then consider taking your yoga mat outside to a park and begin your practice. You can take your friends/family along and have a blissful yoga session. It will allow you to breathe fresh air and give you a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of this world.

Chroma Yoga

Top 10 Yoga Trends from the Past Decade: Chroma Yoga

One of the unique yoga trends is Chroma Yoga. Chroma yoga is basically Light Therapy Yoga. It is a high tech practice that is created to help tune your natural circadian rhythm. More simply described, it involves practising yoga in a room that is lit by coloured lights along with calming music. The room is also infused with relaxing fragrances to provide a comforting cocoon-like experience. Yoga aficionados boast of its calming benefits. Chroma Yoga helps to regulate your sleeping patterns and decrease stress levels. You may be wondering how it works? Chroma yoga mimics natural daylight. For example, practising in blue light in the mornings and red lights at nights. Blue lights during the day will help increase energy and red lights at night-time will induce sleep. This will have improvements in your energy levels and sleep patterns as well. Studies suggest that exposing yourself to blue light makes the brain to stop the production of melatonin and increase the production of stress hormones to keep you awake throughout the day. On the other hand, exposure to red light boosts melatonin levels in the brain and encourages better sleep quality.

Yoga Vacation

Top 10 Yoga Trends from the Past Decade: Yoga Vacation

With yoga gurus becoming popular by the day, yoga vacations have caught on the latest yoga trends out there. Who does not like to take a break from the hectic life and go for a vacation? But the vacation you take can make a lot of difference to you if it’s a yoga vacation. Everyone wishes to take a getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy a change of place for a few days. It is a great idea to combine your vacation with that of Yoga. Yoga retreats are slowly spreading their wings in various locations where yoga aficionados can practice the postures amidst serene nature. It also includes a complete change of your diet with yogic foods. A tranquil beach or lush green mountains, you can choose your next travel destination and take your yoga mat along with you. A yoga vacation will be very relaxing and it will ward off tension and stress from your mind and body.

Goat Yoga

Top 10 Yoga Trends from the Past Decade: Goat Yoga

 As bizarre as it may sound, this is true that Goat yoga has been one of the most popular yoga trends. This is both unusual and quirky. Modern-day Yogis and Yogini are constantly trying to add a twist to the traditional science of Yoga. Goat yoga became a huge hit on the internet and we are sure you might have heard or seen photos and videos of it somewhere. For the uninhibited yoga lovers, goat yoga is the trend they will not shy away from trying. Goat yoga is practising yoga postures by balancing a goat on your back. No kidding people, that is exactly what it is. For this particular trend, you can leave the purpose and benefit of it aside. Also, people of all ages can try this out.

Acrobatic Yoga

Top 10 Yoga Trends from the Past Decade: Acrobatic Yoga

If you like to spend time and bond with your partner, then this yoga trend is for you. Imagine if you could perform yoga with your partner? Acrobatic yoga is for those who would want to push the boundaries of their fitness and engage in creating a bond with their partner. This is a type of advanced yoga where you practice yoga postures by fusing both the persons. It requires you to trust your partner and your own capabilities. Balance and strength are two of the primary requirements. This type of yoga demands you to be extremely flexible. Acrobatic yoga has many postures for yogis of all levels.

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