Yoga Asanas Inspired by the Earth: Earth Day Special

Yoga Asanas Inspired by the Earth: Earth Day Special

What’s Inside – 

  • Why these grounding asanas are good for you
  • Asanas that ground you will giving you the best benefits of yoga
  • What to learn these and more from the experts? 

Listening to the Earth’s Calling this Earth Day

The world today is a dynamic, exciting place, abounding with opportunities and innovation. At the same time, however, it is also a place of information overload, stress and responsibilities, frustration anxiety, pollution, and a sedentary lifestyle – in other words, a battering to our mental and physical state. 

We can often feel dissociated and disconnected with the world around us, and this feeling becomes manifold in urban spaces. Did you know that studies have consistently shown that being in nature has a tremendous positive impact on the lives of humans? Just two hours a week of being outside can help boost your physical and mental health by miles. 

But even when you are not outdoors, you can take the positive energy from the earth and apply it for the benefit of your mind and body. How? Through yoga, of course.

The physical benefits of yoga are very well known, and they are one of the primary reasons why people hit the yoga studio. But the benefits of yoga also extend towards the mental and the spiritual realm, and it is in this area that yoga poses and meditation can work. A good yoga session, whether done at the yoga studio or at home has the power to create a kind of mindfulness that extends beyond your own mind and body, encapsulating your broader surroundings and encouraging you to connect more with the planet that you are a part of.

So, this Earth Day, let us explore a few yoga poses which will make you feel closer to the mother!

Yoga Poses To Try 

These following yoga poses have been inspired by the earth, and seek to make you feel more grounded, relaxed, and mindful. As a bonus, they also carry all the other physical and mental benefits of yoga too. 

  • Vrksasana (Tree Pose) – Ground yourself and find your balance and mindfulness with this standing asana. Working towards hip flexibility, this pose also helps in strengthening the quadriceps, and helps you elongate your spine. Hold for upto twenty seconds, and repeat on the other side. Be sure to breathe deeply and evenly throughout. 
  • Balsana (Child’s Pose) – This simple yet extremely effective asana helps in opening up your hips and stretching your thighs, spine and shoulders, while promoting belly-based breathing. It is also a great asana to close your eyes and bow down to the earth in, helping you cultivate mindfulness while being in touch completely with the ground underneath you. 
  • Tadana (Mountain Pose) – A great building block for the other standing asanas, this pose helps in opening the chest, promotes awareness of breathing, and its regular practice can help in improving your posture and stability. Be sure to distribute your weight evenly amongst both your legs, and actively engage your thighs and core muscles. 
  • Janu Sirasana (Head to Knee Bend) – Work on both the flexibility of your hamstrings and the lower back as you cultivate mindfulness with this challenging but rewarding forward bend. Be sure to go down only to the level your body is comfortable with, and gradually build up your flexibility. Hold for up to twenty seconds, or more if possible, and repeat on the other side.
  • Garudasana (Eagle Pose) – Though named after a soaring creature of the sky, this asana is a powerful weapon for developing focus, concentration, and mindfulness, along with giving your legs and glutes a great workout. Stay in the pose for five to ten deep breaths, and then switch the sides. Do not force your arms into the twist – you will be able to achieve the full pose with some practice eventually.
  • Chaturanga Dandasana (Four Limbed Staff Pose) – One of the best benefits of yoga is that it integrates the benefits of western exercise with an extra dollop of focus and mindfulness. This yogic variant of the plank enables you to do just that. Toning the entire body, this asana helps in strengthening the arms and engaging the core muscles in particular. 
  • Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose) – Named after perhaps one of the most grounded creatures of nature, this pose helps in giving relief to your spine, which may be facing problems after hours of being hunched over a screen. It also opens up the chest and promotes stronger shoulder muscles. Hold for up to twenty seconds to feel the impact.

What To Learn All These and More?

If you are looking towards the benefits of yoga to help you cultivate mindfulness and feel more present and grounded in your life, why not choose a yoga studio which can help you out with that? And if you are looking for a yoga studio, why not give Hith Yoga a try? Combining world class amenities and facilities, expert teachers and focus on the holistic aspect of yoga, Hith Yoga is one of the most well-known yoga studios in Delhi-NCR. With us, you get the best benefits of yoga to help cultivate your mental, physical and spiritual well being. With regular yoga retreats to help you enjoy yoga in the luxurious lap of nature, Hith Yoga will help you cultivate mindfulness and ground you to the earth, all with features no other yoga studio can provide. So come by today and change the way you experience yoga!

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