These 10 Things Can Kill Your Yoga Experience

These 10 Things Can Kill Your Yoga Experience

Maybe you are just not getting that feeling that everybody seems to be raving about. Or perhaps your daily yoga training session has suddenly begun to feel like a chore instead of something you actively enjoy. As (usually busy) human beings, we all have the tendency to procrastinate and lean towards the lazy. But exercising is something that you should enjoy – at least because enjoyment ensures that you will exercise regularly and take the best from your yoga training. 

If you are not feeling the best in your yoga practice, or are finding that the yoga for beginners experience has not really inspired you to continue, here are the few possible reasons why this could be happening – 

  1. You’ve Aimed to High – Yoga for beginners looks quite different than the ones that the advanced class in a yoga studio may look like. There are some foundational yoga poses, rules, techniques and mindfulness and meditation practices that need to be learnt by beginners before they get ready for the more advanced stuff. Jumping straight into handstands or inversions can not only make you feel demotivated when you are unable to do them but can also lead to injuries. Yoga for beginners can seem mundane and even easy for many, but this groundwork helps prepare your mind and body for a better experience.
  1. You’ve Picked The Wrong Yoga Studio – This does not necessarily mean that the yoga studio is not a good one – rather, it may be a simple class of misalignment between the mission of the yoga studio and your own goals. For example, as stated above, yoga for beginners looks quite different from an advanced class, so there would be an obvious mismatch. If the yoga studio is focusing only on the physical aspects and leaving out the spiritual stuff, you may feel like you are missing out. It is best to talk to your instructor or change studios to help you get down to what interests you the most. 
  1. Getting Distracted – Yoga requires not just the presence of the mind, but also the presence of the mind. This is another reason why new individuals should always start with a foundational yoga for beginners course. Mindfulness is essential in yoga to help proper breathing, proper attainment of asanas, and to help the mental benefits of these exercises flow. So make sure that you wrap up all work before you enter a yoga studio or session, keep the phone off, and let the mindfulness flow – you will definitely enjoy the yoga training much more. 
  1. Lack of Discipline – Even the most interesting and fun of activities can become a chore if you keep procrastinating. Skipping one session can turn to three, and before you know it, you would be back to attending no classes again. Thus, discipline is just as important as mindfulness here. Give your mind and body some time to adjust to the new workout and routine, and try keeping a fixed schedule for at least a month. As the benefits of yoga begin to roll in, you will begin to enjoy the practice more. 
  1. Making Comparisons – This is a particular problem in yoga for beginners classes, where you might be more focused on what others are capable of instead of focusing on your own mind and body. Not only is this an enemy to mindfulness, it can also create feelings of doubt and negativity in you. But remember, that everybody has their own level of fitness and flexibility, and with practice, patience, and mindfulness, you too will be able to do all that awes you and make it a part of your yoga training.
  2. Feeling Too Conscious – Of course, you want to maintain a basic level of decorum and modesty, especially inside a yoga studio. But beyond that, you need never worry about people’s perceptions. Everybody in the class would be focused on attaining the perfect posture and seeking mindfulness. Putting fashion before comfort will only make the class harder and non-fun for you. So don’t hesitate to move around, make odd sounds, and just enjoy the process of growing through your yoga training.
  1. Not Listening to Your Body – Why is there such a hark around mindfulness? Amongst many things, mindfulness helps you listen to your body, and notice the subtle signs you usually miss. While you want to follow the yoga teacher and their instructions to the greatest extent possible, you also want to respect your body and its abilities and limitations. Go beyond your comfort zone when you feel you can, and modify when you cannot. Sometimes, what was possible yesterday might not feel so today. That’s okay! Growth is cumulative, and it is the end processes of your yoga training that counts. 
  1. Not Having the Right Tools – You do not have to buy the most insanely expensive yoga mat or a whole block of incense to help you out. But you should have the basics, such as comfortable clothes, a good mat, modification props if they are not provided by your yoga studio, etc. These peripherals help you to focus on what matters the most, and leaves you free to enjoy the yoga training without stress or distractions.
  1.  Keeping Only to the Sessions – It is not always about the yoga poses – yoga is a way of life and living, and promotes balance, harmony, spirituality, and unity with nature. Even if you are not particularly spiritual, allow yourself to at least try some experiences such as meditation focused classes, yogic retreats, reading of yogic texts, etc. These can not only enhance your experience, but also possibly open up new avenues in yourself and the world that you didn’t think of exploring before. 
  1. Not Integrating Yoga into Daily Life – The best part about yoga is that it can be applied anywhere – feeling stressed or anxious before the meeting? How about some deep breathing to calm you down. The shoulders feeling a little stiff stuck in traffic? Try some soothing yoga exercises. Feeling restless before bedtime? If you know them, why not practice some restful asanas? Yoga can become a great tool to help you out in daily life, so do not hesitate to try it out and see what works best for you.

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