Yoga Poses to Help You Get Productive and Creative

Yoga Poses to Help You Get Productive and Creative

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  • How yoga can help you spark up mentally
  • Yoga poses to try
  • Want to use yoga as the ultimate tool? Hith Yoga can help

Unfortunately, productivity and creativity are often elusive concepts. A little shakeup of routine, some sleep disturbances, a source of stress, or just a general lack of ideas can be all it takes to make you feel like you are standing up against a wall (and pretty close to banging your head on it too). In times like these, a little physical activity, designed to soothe you, help you release mental and physical tension, and de-stress and boost your concentration, can be just what is needed. And what combines this better than yoga?

The benefits of yoga on productivity and creativity can be wide-ranging and multi-faceted – 

  • Stress is a major source of blocked output, as your energy becomes more focused on your worries and negative thoughts rather than thinking productive solutions to problems. With yoga comes mental relaxation and mindfulness, which can help you increase your creativity and productivity.
  • The same goes for physical tension and pain too – how can you get creative or get your latest project done when your neck or shoulders feel like they have some heavy burdens placed on them? Yoga not only helps in strength and flexibility, but it also helps in releasing tension and relaxing the body.
  • The phone, the constant notifications, the thousand little errands you need to run – your mind may be doing something right here, right now, but it is also thinking of a thousand little things in the background. Yoga poses help challenge and hones your concentration so that you only focus on what matters. 
  • Regular practice of yoga can also help promote positive life changes that can boost your productivity. Whether it be better and deeper sleep, a more optimistic and positive attitude in dealing with partners and coworkers or choosing healthier eating habits, regular yoga training can put you on the path of a lifestyle that promotes better productivity and creativity overall.
  • Scientifically speaking, exercising helps in boosting creativity. Taking a break from things and exercising can help you get more perspective and come up with new solutions, and it can also boost your brain’s ability to engage in creativity, divergent thinking, and convergent thinking. 

Hence, integrating some yoga training into your regular routine can not only keep you in shape and healthy, it can also help produce mindfulness and mind relaxation, which in turn can be just what is needed to help you get back on the ideating board.

Yoga Poses to Try – 

Here are some yoga poses that can help you unleash your potential – 

  • Balasana (Child’s Pose) – A great way to connect the mind and body in relaxation, this pose allows you to open up your hips, stretch out your upper body, and connect with your breath. As you relax and release, you increase mindfulness, and de-stress.Stay in the pose for up to a minute to feel its impact.
  • Rajakapotasana (Pigeon Pose) – A variant of the king pigeon pose, this modification removes the challenging component of the back bend and allows you to get into your hips. Providing a deep stretch to the lower body, this pose promotes mind relaxation. For those with low hip mobility, this can be a little challenging, you so can use props such as rolled up towels to help support you.
  • Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Dog) – Known for its versatile effects, this pose can give an immediate post of circulation to the heart and brain, stretch out the shoulders and the legs, and promote mind relaxation and energy, the ultimate combination to help you get productive.
  • Vrksasana (Tree Pose) – This balance-challenging standing pose helps you focus, creates mindfulness, and gives a good opening to the hips and shoulders, allowing both your upper and lower body to relax. Try closing your eyes for a greater challenge, hold the pose for upto a minute, and repeat on the other side.
  • Vajrasana (Thunderbolt Pose) – Surely, one of the most lethargic times is that of the afternoon, especially when you go heavy on lunch. This asana, one of the very few ones recommended after a meal, can help get your digestive juices flowing, and prevent that lethargic feeling from disrupting your productivity. Stay in the pose for ten to fifteen minutes to feel light and refreshed.
  •  Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) – Depending upon the pace, the Surya Namaskar can be an energetic mood and energy booster, or a relaxing way to cultivate mindfulness and induce mental relaxation. In both ways, this dynamic sequence can be just what is needed to give your mind and body a physical break so that it is at its mental peak again.

So practice these yoga poses and sequences the next time you feel in a rut, and get back to your desk happy, focused, and creative. 

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