Reasons to add Bhutan Tour to Your Bucket List

Reasons to add Bhutan Tour to Your Bucket List

“When one door closes, pack your bags and go where there are no doors at all!”

Waking up early every morning; getting ready while still half asleep; sitting at your college or workplace and dreaming about a peaceful vacation for hours and hours and then for another hour; coming back home only to sleep, wake up and repeat the same boring routine. Seems familiar, doesn’t it? Everyone deserves a relaxing vacation, away from all the hustle of our daily lives and the perfect destination for such a vacation is Bhutan.

Many-a-times the most under-rated movies turn out to be the best you have seen in the longest time; the most under-rated books might actually be the best you have read. Similarly, Bhutan  an under-rated travel destination will be one of the best places you have ever visited in your life! Gigantic, snow-covered Himalayan mountains, beautiful, green valleys, artistic architecture on each and every building, mesmerising monuments, peace and serenity mixed in the air – Bhutan has it all!

If you are a nature lover, you definitely should visit Bhutan. If, say, you appreciate buildings, architecture and monuments more than clear skies and green fields, then you, too should visit Bhutan. What if you are a foodie? What if meditating and worshiping is your number one priority? One answer, one destination – Bhutan.

If you ever happen to have the golden opportunity of taking a Bhutan tour, consider yourself to be one among the few lucky travellers of the world. This is because the Bhutanese government allows only a limited number of tourists in the country. This is a measure taken by the nation’s government to preserve the rich Bhutanese culture and prevent it from getting contaminated by the outside world. The government and people have successfully preserved the Bhutan culture since the 17th century. This makes Bhutan the perfect country to experience how the world was, perhaps a 100 years ago! This also, reduces the crowd and vandalism in Bhutan’s tourist places and hence allows to you soak in the serenity of these places in solitary for as long as you want to.

You can also think of Bhutan as the country brand ambassador of peace, divinity and happiness. As a matter of fact, Bhutan is one among the happiest countries of the world. It can be your ‘happy place’, quite literally! Being a predominantly Buddhist country, Bhutan also has a number of monasteries where you can sit in peace, meditate and release the heavy bag of stress from your shoulders. The divine atmosphere of Bhutan is all you need to clear your head or to press pause on your daily struggles.

Like everything else, the food culture in Bhutan is unique, too. Cheese and chilly is the most commonly used food ingredient, here. Fun fact: Chilly is used as a spice by the rest of the world but in Bhutan, it is one of the most consumed ‘vegetables’! You read that absolutely right. Well, foodies, don’t you want to know how do the Bhutanese cook chilly as a vegetable? Don’t you want to know the taste of this unique dish?

I can go on listing and describing the charms and culture of this small yet beautiful country. However, only reading is not enough. If you too, feel that you deserve one of the best, most peaceful and most beautiful vacation of your life, you need to start planning your Bhutan tour right away! You can self-plan your trip or may look for Bhutan tour packages both online and offline. If you are travelling from India, you can select a Bhutan tour package from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, etc. as per your convenience but regular direct flights operate only from Delhi and Kolkatta.

Sometimes, travelling to a new place and knowing every little story about it is all you need. The unknown yet happy faces of the Bhutanese may seem better than the knowns and amidst all the calm and serenity of this country, you might find easy solutions to problems that seemed tangled before. Go ahead, plan your Bhutan travel.  This, surely will be the one decision of your life that you will never regret. Happy travelling to you!


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