Managing your travel and Yoga

Managing your travel and Yoga

If you work in a job that requires you to frequently stay on the go, keep travelling internationally, or even if you’re just someone who is hit with bouts of wanderlust, you may think it is impossible to maintain any habit or routine that requires you to dedicate any amount of set time in your schedule. If we have to relate this with what we are going to talk about, then Yoga would also fall under this category.

While it may seem easier to just stop your yoga practise when you’re travelling, it’s not an ideal solution for many who travel for a living. Then, you may wonder how to maintain your yoga practice when you’re dealing with unfamiliar roads, jet lag, or the tons of local cuisine you want to try. Well, there are ways in which you can take out the time in a day to practice yoga, even if your plans constantly fluctuate and you need to keep on the move.

How To Begin

It is not necessary to invest in the best travel yoga mat or new yoga pants either – it’s just a matter of learning how to incorporate it in your life even when on the go. Practising yoga can actually help you deal with the stresses of booking flights and dealing with traffic as well, provide an anchor, and help you keep your sense of mental balance.

Firstly, you want to set aside time for yourself, no matter where you are. Yoga can actually be practised nearly anywhere, as long as you can find a comfortable enough place. Whether you have just five minutes or twenty or an hour, there are a few postures you can go through or sit down and simply meditate. It’s important to remember that meditation is also a big part of yoga, as yoga is a holistic approach.

Benefits of Yoga while Travelling

Be it while sitting in your seat in the flight or just through the meeting, it’s not tough to stretch your spine, and relax your back. Even this tiny bit can count towards your relaxation, which is the ultimate goal of yoga. If you wish, you can also look for fellow yoga practitioners in the city you’re in. Look beyond the traditional yoga studios, and you may just find your crowd at the local park, and seeing others on the same internal journey as you will help motivate you to perform better and dedicate more time to your yoga.

You can read more about the benefits of Yoga during travelling here.

And Finally,

Always be mindful of your surroundings before practising any form of yoga. Use whatever opportunity you get, whether it’s five minutes of waiting in a line, the hour of relaxation at your hotel, or even any fitness classes your hotel may be offering, as these usually include yoga classes as well these days or just try a drop-in if a yoga studio around offers. If you’re feeling up to it, you may even want to try a yoga retreat, and combine your leisure travels with the betterment of self.  

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