Quick breath awareness technique to relax!

Quick breath awareness technique to relax!

We all get tired after giving our 100% to our work or families. Sometimes at the end of the day (or during the day itself), we feel that we give some time to ourselves, to rejuvenate completely. We bring you this small relaxation technique that would help you bounce back with all the more energy.

Preparation & Practice

  • (Optional) – Start a light soft music, music with less beats and instruments that you prefer the most. or may be you could consider music of flowing water, birds chirping, wind blowing
  • (Optional) – Dim the lights of the room
  • (Optional) – Your favourite light fragrance
  • Attain a comfortable sitting position, ensure that your spine is straight and erect
  • Your position should be comfortable, if you have the liberty to lie down on bed, you could do that as well.
  • Close your eyes, and slowly start observing your body. Scanning your body parts one by one, start from top of your head and move down till tip of your toes. And then move up again from tip of your toes till top of your head. You are moving very slowly, without worrying about timelines.
  • As you observe your body, image that each and every part of your body is getting relaxed…all the body processes are slowing down…all the physical and mental strain and heaviness is just getting dissolved
  • Scan your body for two rounds; if possible keep your body as still as possible
  • Now slowly bring your awareness to your breath, as you inhale your stomach bulges out and as you exhale it sinks in
  • Watch this breathing process for a while without changing your breathing pattern. If is shallow, let is remain shallow or if it is haphazard, let is remain so. Just Observe!
  • As you keep your body and breath completely relaxed. With each and every successive breath, your breathing pattern would start becoming rhythmic and deep.
  • Enjoy the moment , stay positive and come out of the practice by wiggling your fingers and toes. Rub your palms, make a cup of your hands and keep it on your eyes. And gently open up your eyes.

We will soon upload a short audio here, till then you could listen to this relaxation

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    Diving Cyprus Posted October 3, 2019 4:45 pm

    We love your content. Regards from Pissouri Bay Divers from Cyprus.

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