10 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Meditation

10 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Meditation


Meditation is an ancient practice spread all over the world and known for its healing effects, thus making it a popular one.

Meditation is a habit of training and controlling the mind and body of any unwanted and irregular thought process, which in turn harms the soul.

A way to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, mild hypertension, and develop concentration, control pain, and reactiveness is what meditation does to make you more aware of your surroundings.

1. Relaxation

In our daily life with an unbalanced lifestyle, we face stress and agitation. In no state to concentrate on things we should be able to, we become more and more irritated. It is found out that practising meditation makes us relaxed and relaxing change the chemistry of the body. With stress and not able to manage it correctly, it affects our adrenal glands which produce cortisol (a steroid hormone) and harms our body. Thus, you develop higher blood sugar level and a lower immune system.

When you practice meditation, you become more relaxed and do not get affected by external circumstances and can manage every situation with ease.

2. Controlling your Emotions

With meditation comes better control of emotions and a relaxed mindset, which in turn paves the way to lessen anxiety. Regular practice of meditation reduces the mood swings, controlled anger, self-awareness and a more positive outlook.

Anger is one of the main reason why people are less eager to talk, and communication becomes difficult. You become more aware of the outer and inner you and act irrationally. Anger is found to release neurochemicals which destroys the parts of the brain that controls emotional reactivity. The more you meditate, you become less reactive and can manage depression. Depression and hyper-reactiveness are caused by chemicals called cytokines affects mood and increases stress.

3. Lower Blood Pressure

Having higher blood pressure, unfortunately, has become a common and widespread issue among people of all ages. And all thanks to our stressful life. How to control the high blood pressure is now a medicinal cure rather than practising medicine, which was underrated a few years back. According to most of the known health institutes, meditation is referred to as the most effective way to control mild hypertension.

As said, meditation helps to relax, decrease stress levels, and meditation practised regularly helps in controlling stress and of course, improves the blood pressure. Practice meditation and get your blood pressure results!

4. Stress Management

Cholesterol is a monster we all know, but it is helpful too as it holds our cell membranes together and benefits in digestion and produces Vitamin D and sex hormones.

Anything high and low is not good, so is cholesterol. With excess consumption of cholesterol, it gets inside our blood and clogs the blood passages, causing various problems in the body. With excess production of cortisol, our cells in our body get destroyed, and the cholesterol gets patched up with the cells of our body when they get damaged. When one meditates, they become more balanced in emotions, and there is less production of cortisol and thus less cholesterol.

5. Insomnia

The more you feel stressed, you become depressed, and your muscles are more tensed. Daily practice of meditation helps one to get out of stress and challenges for tomorrow. When you regularly practise meditation, you let go of external worries, being present in the moment, becoming aware of your breath and increases blood circulation, thus helps in a relaxed sleep. 

A research found out that people who meditated fell asleep sooner and could sleep in a more relaxed and for longer hours as compared to people who did not meditate. Additionally, it can help to relax your body, releasing tension and leaving you in a peaceful state so that you can have a sound sleep.

There are a variety of meditation techniques known for relaxing and controlling thoughts and improve the quality of your sleep.

6. Curing Addictions

Tobacco, drugs, addictions, social media, all other things that are not good for our lives have become our addictions in this modern world. If you have triggered dynamic behaviour and no self-control them meditation helps one to achieve to do so. It is found out that meditation has helped to redirect attention, the increase will power and have control over emotions and impulses as well as be more generous and kind towards others. From alcohol to food cravings meditation helps to reduce emotional imbalance and binge eating, which helps to maintain a healthy weight and unwanted habits. 

It is important to know that when we feed our addictions, chemicals are released in our brains. Chemicals like dopamine create a state like euphoric. The need for dopamine becomes intense and overwhelming once started to take, and when gets fixed, the lows become unbearable and hard to come out from it.

The practice of meditation naturally boosts the dopamine level and save from the sensation of euphoria that gets produced naturally. So let’s meditate and be meditational high!

7. Improves Digestion

The brain and the body functions together, so do the digestive system. The inner organs, including the digestive system, are sensitive and tension, stress, anxiety does affect them creating problems like bloating, cramps, and gas. 

When we practice meditation, the body relaxes, and thus, blood circulation and oxygen levels increase. Even the ability to digest foods improves, which creates harmony in our mind and body.

8. Are you not ageing?

And since you are practising meditation, aren’t you ageing? Yes, you look more relaxed, stress-free, without dark circles and ageing lines that make you look older than your actual age. Stress because of telomeres in our DNA begins to fray, which makes us look older, which is a natural process but living under stress speeds up the process. Meditation helps in replenishing telomerase and slows down the process of ageing.

Even, sleep is the main factor why you would see yourself older if not get an adequate amount of it. Melatonin is known for the immune system, memory and restful sleep. So meditate your way to better, relaxed and a night of beautiful looking sleep.

A method of meditation is Kirtan Kriya, a combination of mantra or chant in a perpetual motion of the fingers to focus on our thoughts. This meditation method has helped people to perform memory task better as related to memory loss. Meditation thus helps in not only ageing but fighting memory loss with dementia patients.

9. Increases Libido

You want a better sex life, but you don’t feel to, and thus, your partner is unhappy with it. Did you ever question yourself? Meditation has a positive effect on your libido, and endorphins are released when one practices meditation. This libido makes one feel happy about themselves and makes one interested in sex. Interesting, isn’t it? Meditate to better sex life!

Not only this, but meditation also increases brain wave frequency which releases DHEA hormone by normalizing the testosterone levels drives our sex. Now you would be surely practising meditation! DHEA is one substance in our body that is produced for deep relaxation.

10. Reducing PMS

Women do PMS, just before their menstrual cycle, and it isn’t very pleasant. So meditation is there to help to decrease the symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome. PMS presents itself once a month in forms like food cravings, mood swings, vulnerability, sensitivity, grumpiness and insomnia too. 

Meditating helps in relaxing and sleep better by easing the muscle tension, managing our thoughts, feelings, emotions, building positivity in our daily lives. When you feel light and get into a natural state then, you come out of cramps, bloats and muscle aches.


Meditation is for everyone not limited to any age or group of people and is a great way for improving mental and emotional health. One can practice meditation anywhere and that too, without any equipment. There are a variety of meditations that are known to benefit each body part and mental problems. Even practising meditation for a few minutes every day is beneficial for leading a healthy and happy life.

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