How Meditation helps in boosting concentration

How Meditation helps in boosting concentration

Introduction To Meditation

“The body benefits from movement, and the mind benefits from stillness.”

Meditation is the union of soul, body, and mind. It is being practiced for ages. It was earlier practiced to deepen the knowledge of the sacred life that exists beyond. It was drilled to achieve salvation. But today, Meditation is used aa a physical activity used to relax and relieve stress. Meditation is the state of calming our minds to find one’s inner self and peace. It is keeping still for a short time away from all the worldly possessions. It is the way of cleaning your system from all kinds of negativity and starting again with new enthusiasm and energy. Meditation aims to go beyond the mind and know the importance of happiness and peace in our lives.

It is a way of training and controlling your mind to remain away from the negative and materialistic thoughts affecting the brain. It is the way of attaining inner peace and connecting with god. Once Meditation is adopted and becomes a way of life, it can have an array of benefits from it. It helps in improving the overall well-being of an individual. It lowers blood pressure, strengthens immunity, increases energy levels in the body, reduces tension, and gives inner peace and stability. Doing Meditation regularly helps in relieving all the stress, soothes the mind, decreases anxiety, provides clarity to the brain, develop more creativity, and teaches happiness in our lives.

Meditation also helps in boosting concentration and develops better retaining and memory power. Meditation is a powerful tool to relax the mind and give increase their ability to focus and pay attention. That is why the importance and power of Meditation are emphasized upon in the schools. The students should meditate regularly to increase their concentration and sharpen their memory to retain more information. Studies reveal that the grey matter present in a 50-year-old meditator is equivalent to a 20-year-old normal person. This is the power of Meditation when it comes to retaining information and decision making.

Meditation can help in sharpening our memory and opening our horizons of creativity and develop problem-solving and decision-making skills. Meditation can play a big role in boosting memory. Many tips can be adopted to make Meditation more meaningful and peaceful. It is very important to sit in a relaxed and comfortable position. Maintaining the right posture and place will help concentrate better. Choosing an area that is quiet and free from noise will help mediate without any disturbance and promote better concentration. Listen to your breath and fade away all the negative energies and thoughts that surround your mind.

Chanting a mantra during Meditation also helps quite a lot. We are saying ohm while exhaling with each breath and letting out all the evil energies that disturb your mind. This will help in better concentrating on one thing and increase your memory. Incorporating mediation as a habit and lifestyle will also help in improving concentration and attention. Reading books related to Meditation will also help in improving memory and concentration. Yoga as a form of meditation can also help in focusing our attention and discard away the hurdles coming in the way. Yoga is centred on frequency. It requires concentration on the breath, movement, and alignment. It helps in keeping the mind calm and peaceful. Now days when we are so worked up and busy in our lives, yoga can help calm your senses and give you that much needed break from work. Practicing yoga for just 30 minutes can be a real life changing experience for you. It also has health benefits attached with it. It provides relief from various diseases and ailments. It improves your concentration level and makes you more aware about your surroundings. There are many asanas in yoga, which help in improving and boosting concentration levels. Let’s look at some of the asanas that can help build our mind more focused and aligned.

  1. Vrikasana ( tree pose)- Tree pose requires immense concentration and focus to remain stable in a particular position. This asana involves standing on one leg with hands upwards. This requires a good amount of focus so that stability is maintained.
  2. Tadasana (mountain pose) helps improve focus and attention by balancing breath, improving posture, and increasing awareness. It also enhances the flexibility of the spine.
  3. Bakasana- This helps in better mind-body Coordination and relieves stress. This needs to be practiced daily for better concentration. It involves placing your knees on the edge of your upper arm, lifting your legs, and using the tiptoes.
  4. Shavasana (corpse pose)- This is one of the simplest asanas to practice. This pose helps to calm the mind, reduce stress and anxiety, increase awareness, and boost concentration.
  5. Bhastrika pranayama- The breathing technique helps in increasing awareness and improves concentration power. This pose also keeps sleep at bay. It reduces laziness.
  6. Brahma mudra involves the movement of hand gestures, which helps the flow of the life force in the body. Holding the hands in still position help in better concentration.
  7. Kapal Bhati pranayama- this helps in boosting the energy levels in the body. It provides freshness and takes away laziness. It better helps in focusing on and improving attention.
  8. Padmasana (lotus pose)- this pose will help deepen the Meditation by relaxing the mind. This involves sitting cross-legged. This will help balance your thoughts and improve concentration.
  9. GarudAsana (Eagle Pose)- This asana helps in improving the body posture and strengthening the leg muscles. This also helps in soothing the mind and increase the concentration power.
  10. Ustrasana (Camel Pose)- This pose is effective for people who want to increase there focus on studies. This should be practised by the students in order to be more attentive in their studies. This pose helps in improving the overall health of the person.


Meditation is the food for the soul. It helps in finding inner peace and happiness. It creates an environment that is serene and calm, free from evil energies. It helps in leading a happy and healthier life. It is a way to attain bliss and enjoy your life to the fullest. It helps in leading a disciplined life and gives emotional stability. It is the way of knowing oneself and realizing that happiness and peace are essential for leading a blissful life. Yoga as one of the forms of meditation is one of the most popular ways of keeping yourself active and fit. Making yoga as a habit and sparing a few minutes from your daily schedule will make your day even more energetic and full of life. And most importantly smiling always is the key to all your worries. Remaining peaceful and calm will help you in a better way to concentrate and boost your brain. Expressing gratitude to your body, mind, and soul is also important as they all together help you to practice meditation.

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