Benefits of Online Meditation Classes

Benefits of Online Meditation Classes


Before digging into the Benefits of Online Meditation Classes, Let us start with the story of one of our earlier participants, Jasneet. We are quoting her here verbatim-

“I still remember the day when I was introduced to the world of meditation by one of my friends. She suggested that I practice meditation as I was feeling very low and worked up in life. I was not able to concentrate on my work and felt quite stressed. And I would not mind saying that it helped me immensely. Initially, it was difficult to spare time and practice religiously but eventually, I developed it as a habit and now I can see myself reap its fruits.”

Meditation, as well all know aims at going beyond the mind and knowing what importance does happiness and peace hold in our lives. It is the union of soul, mind and body. It helps in relaxing the mind and controlling the negative thoughts that surround you.

It is the act of becoming aware of our thoughts and emotions. It is like a healing tool to attain tranquillity and calmness. Adopting meditation as a habit in our daily lives can be very beneficial. It helps in improving the overall well being of an individual. It lowers blood pressure, strengthens immunity, increases energy levels in the body, reduces tension and gives inner peace and stability. It also improves concentration and develops better retaining power. It keeps the body healthy and radiates positive thoughts in the mind. It is helpful in dealing with many health problems like heart attack, digestion and other health issues.

No thanks to this pandemic, but everything has started getting digitised at a really fast pace and so has the art of Learning meditation. There are many online classes running to teach meditation and heal the body. Apart from the pandemic, the busy schedules and lifestyle of people make it very difficult to spare time. Through online classes, they can practice meditation from anywhere and at any time. You might think that the traditional method of meditation is more effective but online meditation also has its own set of benefits.

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Let’s discuss some of the benefits of online meditation classes.

  1. Online meditation can help you relieve your stress which may have occurred because of problems at home, workplace or studies. Through online meditation, stress can be managed at any time and anywhere. (https://basicbluesnation.com/) Attending meditation classes from home helps to save the time, energy and effort spent in travelling and traffic. It can be attended from anywhere and relieve your mind and body.
  2. Online meditation also helps in increasing the sense of well being among individuals. The people can meditate from anywhere and at any time sitting at the comfort of your home. There are various websites and online videos available which act as your guide to practise meditation at your own ease.
  3. Online meditation also helps in improving the connection and empathy among each other. Though we are not going outside in the studio to practice with other individuals, still online meditation can help in connecting with each other by speaking in the class, participating actively in the class and engaging with the teacher online to understand better. It helps in increasing the empathy and connectedness within yourself and with other people to produce effective outcomes.
  4. Online meditation also helps in increasing concentration and focus. It provides a proper guide on how to practice meditation to attain peace and increase focus. It helps in connecting with yourself, others and put your concentration fully on doing one thing and meditating regularly.
  5. Online meditation also helps in maintaining a cordial relationship with others. It helps in connecting with different people mentally and emotionally. With increased focus, empathy and working on stress management the relationships can be nourished and strengthened.
  6. Online meditation will help the people to learn new techniques and skills for meditation which they can bring into practice.
  7. Online meditation also helps in deepening the knowledge of meditation. With a new environment, new tools and techniques of meditation can help you know about undiscovered parts of your body, mind and soul.
  8. Through online meditation, we can meet people with like-minded abilities also. These groups unite people with similar ideas and desires which helps to strengthen the bond and relationship for a lifetime.
  9. Online meditation is the most convenient and cost-effective and time-efficient, as people do not have to travel long distances or bear costs going multiple times to the meditation centre.
  10. Online meditation allows the face to face virtual contact, these personal sessions are more helpful, also it is feasible for them to record and screenshot the session so that they can practice at home as per their convenience,


With our stressful and busy lives, it is very important that the art of meditation is learnt and practised. We may choose to ignore it as much as we want but at the end of the day, the mind seriously calls for a respite. Meditation provides that respite, that freedom from uncontrolled emotions and negativity.

The aim of online meditation is to provide the benefits of meditation to people all across the globe. It aims at making it available to everyone if not physically but digitally so that everyone can reap the benefits of meditation. There are many classes being taken online where sessions and courses of short term and long term are mentioned. The person can use as per his preference and need.

At Hith Yoga, we have started the following classes for beginners to intermediate level of meditation and yoga practitioners:

  • Weekly Hath Yoga Classes
  • Meditation 101
  • Demystifying Meditation

Do check out the pages for the details!

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