Ardhamatsyendra Asana or Half Spinal twist – Steps and benefits

Ardhamatsyendra Asana or Half Spinal twist – Steps and benefits

What’s inside ?

  • How to do Ardhamatsyendra Asana or Half spinal twist pose?
  • How to control your breathing during the asana?
  • Benefits of Ardhamatsyendra Asana or Half spinal twist pose
  • Contra-indications of Ardhamatsyendra Asana

Performing Ardhamatsyendra Asana or Half Spinal twist with the Starting position as follows:

1. Sit down on the mat with both legs stretched out to the front.

2. Legs joined, spine straight and shoulders relaxed.

Entering the posture:

3. Raise your right foot and bring it under the left hip.

4. The heel should come under the buttock and the toes remain outside touching the mat.

5. The knee is facing forward.

6. Now, carefully raise your left foot and take it over right thigh.

7. Place foot on the mat, toes facing forward.

8. Take right elbow, place it over the left thigh towards the left side of the knee.

9. Stretch your arm straight and try to hold the left foot.

10.  Place the left hand on the back of your left buttock. Stretch your left arm straight.

11.  Turn your head and look over the left shoulder.

12.  As you enter the posture, take a long and deep breath in and push your left shoulder back and use your elbow to push the left knee to the right side.

13.  This will give your spine very good twist.

14.  Make sure that the spine, left arm is straight and chest pushed out.

15.  Hold the posture for 3-5 long breaths.

Coming out of the posture:

16.  Exhale and bring your shoulder back, release your right arm, stretch both legs straight and relax your breath.


1. Normal breathing while getting ready for the posture.

2. As we enter the asana, Inhale deeply

3. After entering the asana- take 3-5 long and deep breaths

4. As,we prepare to come out of the posture, exhale deeply and loosen up the muscles.

5. After coming out, take normal breaths while resting till your body relaxes.

Awareness: spine to be kept straight and on the movement of abdominal area.


1. Massages the abdominal area and stretches the spinal area

2. Very beneficial for the digestion– improves functions and works on disorder related to it.

3. Tones nervous system of the body.

4. Regulates the secretion of abdominal glands and is beneficial for the kidneys.


People with hernia, ulcer, hyperthyroidism, pregnant women, sciatica , slipped disc should not practice this asana.

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