Salamba Bhujangasana Or Sphinx Pose – Steps & Benefits

Salamba Bhujangasana Or Sphinx Pose – Steps & Benefits

What’s inside ?

  • How to do Salamba Bhujangasana or Sphinx Pose?
  • How to control your breathing during this asana?
  • Benefits of Salamba Bhujangasana or Sphinx Pose
  • Contra-indications of Salamba Bhujangasana or Sphinx Pose

Performing Salamba Bhujangasana or Sphinx Pose with the Starting position as: 

  1. Lie down on the mat in the prone position, feet joined and stretched out, Chin on the mat, body relaxed.

Entering the posture:

  1. Place your palms near the shoulders, forearms and elbows on the mat touching the side ribs. 
  2. Gently raise the head, chest and shoulders up by placing the palms and elbows parallel to each other. Forearms and hands on the mat. 
  3. Arch the upper spinal area.
  4. Loosen up the shoulders. Relax the body in the asana. Take 3-5 breaths.

Coming out of the posture:

  1. Gently bring the head, shoulders and chest down on the mat
  2. Release the hands, relax the arms  
  3. Lie down in the prone posture and relax. 
Quick video of Salamba Bhujangasana


  1. Inhale while raising the head and the chest up while entering the posture. 
  2. While holding the posture take 3-5 long and deep breaths. 
  3. Exhale while coming out of the posture. 
  4. Take normal breaths while relaxing in prone position. 


  1. Shoulders and spine.
  2. Full awareness on the breathing.


  1. Strengthens the spine
  2. Good for stiff backs 
  3. Stretches arms, shoulders, chest and abdomen
  4. Good for relieving stress

If you are interested to read more about this yoga pose then we recommend you to go to this great article and have a read!

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