Yoga Poses to Help Boost Your Concentration

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Hocus Focus – How Yoga Can Help Concentration

Concentration refers to our ability to focus our attention on a task at hand and is a very important component in ensuring productivity and success. Unfortunately, constant notifications, information overload, means of distractions and general tendency to procrastinate can often sap our attention and leave us lacking this key element. Concentration is not just required by students who study – it is required to strategize business moves, learn and execute sports techniques, and prevent injuries and mishaps in daily life. Hence, honing concentration at all ages and stages of life is important.

This is where yoga comes in. Well known for its benefits on the mind and body, yoga can be the perfect holistic tool to boost your confidence even as you strengthen your body. 

Firstly, yoga promotes mindfulness or the awareness of the here and now. This mindfulness means that you are more attentive to details, and are able to bring your awareness to what you are doing right now. Secondly, yoga can help with stress management and mind relaxation. Engaging in a cognitive task when you are stressed can be a nightmare, as you may be constantly bombarded with anxious and worrying thoughts, focusing more on your stress than the job at hand. This can also prevent you from working through your problems and eliminating stress altogether. Yoga, known for its mind relaxation properties, can help you with stress management and thus ensure that you are focused on problem-solving. Lastly, yoga also promotes concentration by bringing your mind and body in alignment. By focusing on breathwork, movement, and flow, yoga promotes mindfulness and enables you to focus on what you need. 

Yoga Poses to Try 

If you are looking to boost your concentration, here are the yoga poses you should be trying – 

  • Virabhadrasana (Warrior III) – Challenge your legs, core, and balance with this standing asana that helps in honing concentration by requiring you to find both physical balance by focusing your eyes to a spot, and mental strength to hold the position. To make the pose more challenging and to hone your focus further, try closing your eyes once you assume the pose, if you are ready for it.
  • Natarjasana (Lord of the Dance Pose) – Another standing asana that challenges your balance, this pose also hones your concentration by promoting mindfulness – because without complete awareness of your limbs, you are bound to fall. You can begin by using a wall to learn the pose, and be sure to practice the pose on the other side too.
  • Vasisthasana (Side Planks) – Planking is surely one of the best ways to gain mindfulness, and a side plank just raises the challenge. However, this pose is usually a difficult one to pull off. You can start by using your bottom knee to support your body, and if your wrists are hurting, try going down on your forearm. Remember, the idea is not to get there as fast as possible, but to reach the correct position, no matter how long it takes. 
  • Ustrasana (Camel Pose) – An inversion asana can be just what is needed for stress management and boosting concentration, and this asana can also help counteract the hours you spend hunching on your desk. It is also great for relieving back aches and improving digestion, two common problems that may be the cause of your distraction.
  • Paschimottanasana (Seated Forward Bend) – A reliever or stress, anger and irritability, this pose is the perfect way to engage in stress management and cultivate mindfulness. It also helps in stretching the shoulders and the back, releasing tension from them. Beginners can make the use of straps to help them assume position, and you can gradually work up to the full pose.
  • Nadi Shodhan Pranayama (Alternate Nostril Breathing) – Another great way to engage in stress management and promote mindfulness, this breathing practice helps in soothing the nervous system, grounding you to the present moment, and improving your respiration capacity.
  • Bhramari Pranayama (Bee Breath) – Bring back the stillness in a wandering mind with this breathing practice that helps in mind relaxation, reduces stress, promotes calmness, and allows you to let go of mental and physical tension. 

Want to Learn More of Yoga?

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