Yoga poses for soothing a tired brain

Yoga poses for soothing a tired brain

Tension and stress are very common these days, and when these exceed a limit, it is then that your productivity gets visibly affected. Now, while it is hard to sit idle for a while to relax your brain, yet it is nearly impossible to work with a tired one. But, if you want to soothe your nerves without taking a break, then Yoga is the thing for you.

Practising Yoga eliminates stress from your life and helps with a more mindful and relaxing feeling. It allows you to improve your breathing, which is essential for a calm mind. When you let your brain take some oxygen, more than what it is expending, it will help you rejuvenate. Though we know that breathing practices (Pranayam), awareness building practices and meditation can definitely help you to de-stress but you could definitely use these poses with right breathing to keep yourself more relaxed.

So, here are some Yoga Poses that will soothe your tired mind and improve your overall mental health too:


Padmasana is very simple. You have to Sit on the floor while keeping your legs and spine extended straight and rest your arms on the sides. Bend your knees and bring it near your chest. Then make the crease from both legs and let your ankle overlap each other. Rest your hands on your knees while letting your palms face up and make a Gyan Mudra from it. Hold this pose for 1 minute or till you complete your meditation.


Calms your brain and keeps it away from stress and anxiety.


Whenever you want to do Uttanasana, make sure to start from the mountain pose (Tadasana) and then exhale. Try to bend forward and sweep your arms to the adjacent side. Make sure that your palms face the floor. Keep your back flat and lengthen up your spine. Grasp the back of your ankles while contracting your thighs. If your knees will remain straight, you will feel better after performing this yoga pose. Hold it for 30 to 60 seconds for a better result.


Stretches your body, improve your posture, and relieves stress.


Balasana is known as Child pose and it is perfect in making your brain active. To perform this Yoga pose, kneel on the floor and align your hips over your knees. Join your legs together and let your hips rest on your knees. Make sure to separate your knees. Elongate your neck, lower your torso down to your inner thigh and stretch your tailbone towards the floor. Exhale and place your hand beside your feet. Try to relax your body towards the floor and let your forehead rest on the floor. Hold this yoga pose for 30 seconds to 3 minutes.


Stretches your body and relieves stress.


Savasana is known as Corpse pose. To perform this yoga pose, sit on the floor while bending on your knees. Lift your hip up and position your tailbone closer to your heels. Release this pose while lowering your back on the floor. Straighten your legs one by one and let them fall open on the floor. The position between both feet should be equal. Relax your arms on both sides and let your palm face the sky. Close your eyes and concentrate on breathing and alignment. Hold this yoga pose for 5 to 10 minutes.


Calms your brain, relieves stress, and relaxes your entire body.


Bhujangasana is known as Cobra pose and it is very easy and effective. To perform this asana, lay on the floor while facing towards the floor. Place your palms under your shoulders and let your legs remain flat. While inhaling, slowly raise your chest up, bend backwards and hold the pose for 10 to 15 seconds. Release the position while exhaling. Repeat this yoga pose for 5 times to get a better result.


Firms the buttocks, relieves stress and fatigue, strengthens your spine, and stretches your body.

We hope you enjoy these stress and fatigue restorative yoga poses!

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