Yoga Classes in Park

Yoga Classes in Park

Yoga is not just a way to connect with your own mind and body but is also a way of feeling one with the entire universe. Yoga suggests that the mind, body, and spirit are inherently linked and cannot be understood without one another. Similarly, the philosophy of Hinduism suggests that humans cannot be understood outside of the broader universal context they have been placed in. Practising yoga, at the deepest level, thus becomes about understanding the connection of humanity with the universe and joining the flow of cosmic forces.

Practising yoga in artificial settings such as studios can be highly convenient, and even healthy, given the amount of pollution the city of Delhi contains in its air. However, there are some golden days when the air is clean and fresh, the grass inviting, and the weather divine. On such days, there can be fewer things better than undertaking yoga and meditation while sitting surrounded by the lush greenery.

At Hith Yoga- one of the best Yoga studios in Delhi, we know that yoga classes in the park can be an incredibly rejuvenating experience. That is why we regularly conduct yoga classes in Lodhi Garden, Nehru Park, and many other prominent and easily accessible green regions of the city. 

If you want to be a part of one of these best Yoga classes, do call us or write to us and we will fit you in with our schedule. 

If you wish to undertake a personal yoga class outdoors, we have you covered for that as well! 

As always, Hith Yoga Studio will provide you with the most dedicated and professional teachers who will guide you through a challenging yet relaxing session, one that will tap into your sense and help you disconnect from your stress and digital lives and reconnect with the physical and mental well being. So come along and enjoy it!

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