Can Yoga help in stress management?

Can Yoga help in stress management?

What’s inside?

  • What is Stress and its effect on us ?
  • How can guided mindfulness meditation be helpful in stress management?

Had a breakup? Failed an exam? Got unemployed?

If yes, then, it is very likely that you are dealing with “Uncontrolled Stress”. From children to elderlies, from students to working class, stress has effected everyone, with everyone trying to find out the best remedy for stress management. We know, it is psychological but the intensity is sometimes so high that it affects our actions and physical health as well. It can also lead to several health problems like Insomnia, headache, heart disease, Obesity; in fact, stress is the root cause of 80-85% of our health problems these days. When stress is not in control , there are high chances that person can get depression too. 

Stress is like fire and taming it will benefit you, it is needed in your muscles to do movements, it also works as a motivator to achieve the best outcomes, and this is called “Eustress (Controlled stress)”. The problem occurs when it gets out of control, it will harm everything in its path.

This problem has been around for quite some time, it’s been a topic of research for the medical and pharmaceutical industries but the solution was already there 5000 years ago. It’s simple, If Medication isn’t helping, try replacing the “C” with a “T”.

Yoga can be an easy solution to Stress Management

Meditation, an integral part of Yogic practices, may provide the solace you were looking for. It helps by calming your mind, relaxing the tension in your body, and helping you connect with your inner self. It may not change the situation but it will change your perspective towards that situations and bring clarity to handle it. It makes you understand the things that are important and the things that are not, so that you can clear your mind of the negatives and focus on attracting the positives. Ujjai pranayama, makara chanting, ohm chanting, anulom-vilom, kapalbhati are some of the techniques used in Yoga for destressing yourself.

Life is like grapes, if you stop eating them because of the sour ones, you won’t ever get to taste the sweet ones and yoga is like salt, it makes the sour ones easier to eat. If you are looking to join Yoga classes for relaxation in Delhi, do come to visit Hith Yoga studios to have one of the best experiences in learning mindfulness meditation..

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