Why Yoga is not about just a class at a Yoga Studio

Why Yoga is not about just a class at a Yoga Studio

Beyond The Studio: The Holistic Nature Of Yoga

Since it became widespread around the world, people have started seeing yoga as a fitness regime trend. Yoga offers several physical benefits, including better blood circulation, lowered heart rate, better flexibility, balance, strength, endurance and posture. However, the true purpose of yoga is beyond just the physical wellness that you can achieve with yoga.

Yoga is not just a hobby that you can get into to help your physical attributes. Fitness is a great by-product of practicing yoga, and many individuals are drawn to yoga because of it, but it’s not the end goal. If you choose to join a yoga studio, or work with an experienced instructor, they will introduce you to the many facets of yoga and help develop your interest in the other aspects of yoga.

Even practicing the postures, or asanas, can help you learn how your body moves, what muscles you don’t put to use, and where the tension and stress accumulates in your body. All this invites you to dig deeper into your own motivations, and develops great self awareness. All this and more means that you are already exploring beyond just what the physical nature of yoga is.

Yoga is an art, as well as a science. It can offer practical solutions for the problems you’re facing, such as controlling your body and mind, and harmonizing them. It is also an art, because it needs to be practiced intuitively, with awareness of one’s spirituality. Yoga can help you find the link between the body, mind, and spirit, and help stabilize your energies.

Yoga can also help you find balance. Not just being able to balance on one leg, but a balance between your mind and body, and in your mental state as well. Achieving this balance can help you pace yourself, and avoid burnout or getting too lethargic. This balance in energy and mind is crucial for stability in your life.

Yoga is also heavily philosophy-centric. While today we tend to start with the postures wherever we practice yoga, the ancient mystics would focus more on the meditational aspect of yoga, and cultivate a deeper understanding of self through reflection and meditation. This meditation also helped them achieve mental stability, as well as get more in touch with their spirit. If you’re looking to find more purpose in life, or generally gain a better understanding of yourself, trying the meditational aspects of yoga can be a great benefit for you.

Understanding yourself is just the start of what yoga can do for you beyond physical wellness. Once you have cultivated an understanding of yourself, you can also improve through yoga. Meditation often leads to self-reflection, and makes you more aware of your thought patterns, and cultivate a sense of discipline which can help you become an overall better person. This will really help you dig deeper and gain a better understanding of how you affect the world, and how the world affects you. This understanding can help you emotionally, and benefits your mental health greatly.

Lastly, yoga is also a gateway into a spiritual journey. There are many limbs of yoga, and some of them deal purely with the philosophy behind yoga, such as ahimsa,  or non-violence, and will lead you to a spiritual path that you can take to be better in touch with you and your effect on the world. This can really change your outlook on life, and help you start the journey to self-actualization.

A good yoga studio will help you reach beyond just the physical benefits of yoga. At Hith Yoga, we believe that yoga is not just about getting the right postures, but building the right journey for you, and provide a comprehensive guide on the true nature of yoga and what it can do for you. We are one of the best yoga studios in Delhi, and we provide you with special classes for prenatal yoga, Hatha yoga, and much more. Contact us for more details if you too, want to transform your life with the power of yoga.

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