Under Eye Bags- A frightening reality.

Under Eye Bags- A frightening reality.

Sometimes when the areas under the eyelids appear swollen or baggy, it is characterized as bags under eyes or Eye Bags. These undesirable, typically harmless bags occur commonly due to factors like aging, lack of sleep and allergies. 


These are mostly caused by natural aging. Due to the process of aging, the ligaments under the eyes become weak, inelastic and gradually fail to hold the fat below the eyes.

Sometimes sleeping on the stomach or without a pillow can also meliorate the puffy appearance.

Chronic sinusitis, mensuration, alcoholism, smoking lethargic tiredness, and other similar conditions accelerate the risk of developing this problem.

Lifestyle factors like sleepless nights, sleepless nights, over workload, stress, excess salt consumption and improper diet also aid the affection. Thyroid disease or kidney problems can also lead to puffiness or bags under the eyes.

Dark circles, bags or puffiness are unacceptable for people who care about their health and appearance. but coping with the times today, it becomes difficult to a healthy, disciplined lifestyle.

For every problem, there is a solution. And for this acute problem, there are effective and natural solutions that are very easy to follow and acquiescent into the daily routine.

Natural Remedies.

Sleeping position is essential. Keeping the head elevated, using one or two pillows beneath the head is an effective remedy. It avoids bagginess due to fluid retention.

A facemask prepared using curd, parsley and mint leaves give a soothing sensation and are heals the affected area. Using cucumber and potato slices also cool down and tighten the ligaments.

Placing chilled tea bags or frozen spoons under the eyes for about 10 to 15 minutes is another popular remedy that reduces the swelling below the eyes. Green tea, black tea, cinnamon tea, sage broth and lime, and honey water are also effective. 

Regularly splashing cold water or keeping your face submerged in chilled water for about 15- 20 seconds is rejuvenating for the skin and improves the blood circulation which prevents under-eye bags.

Mixing lime juice, rose water and witch hazel in equal quantities, then applying the solution over the swelling, and letting it dry for about 15 – 20 minutes is also beneficial and refreshing. Aloe-Vera, lavender oil or castor oil can also be used for relief.

Certain yoga exercises like Eye Cupping and Kapal Randhra Dhauti are very relaxing and effective in treating Under Eye Bags. These exercises help improve blood circulation, thereby serving as a stress buster and facial muscle tonner. 

Diet is Important

Your body is responsive to what you eat. The result of your eating habits is visible through the body. Under Eye, Bags are also a symptom showcasing improper diet intake.

One must consume about 8 liters of water, daily at regular intervals. The dehydrated body leads to sagy eyes and many other health problems. Thus, It is crucial to stay hydrated.

Vitamins and nutrients must be consumed adequately. Fresh fruits and vegetables, particularly the ones rich in vitamins A, C, and E, must be a part of your diet.

Eating lots of salt, sugar or consuming processed or packaged food and beverages regularly is not at all healthy. It is important to reduce the consumption of these products to avoid ill health and problems like Under Eye Bags resulting from fluid retention.

A sound sleep leads to a sound body and soul. It works miracles for the body, improves functioning and heals the body naturally. So, sleeping for at least 6-8 hours every day provides the needful rest to the eyes and body from the restless routines.

These appalling Under Eye Bags or Dark Circles might occur naturally due to aging or other factors. But they are nothing you can’t get rid of. With just a little effort of including these above-mentioned natural remedies and proper diet in everyday lifestyle will leave you content with effective results and amazing and healthy skin. 

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