Amongst the very many mouth-watering dishes that come from Bhutan, Thukpa often reigns supreme. Originating in Tibet, this dish consists of a soup or broth which contains noodles, vegetables, and meat such as chicken or pork. Wholesome, warming and tasty, thukpa is popular across the countries of the Himalayan region as a perfect companion for the cold days and nights. Indeed, many regions of the Himalayas, including China, Arunachal Pradesh, Ladakh, Bhutan and Nepal have their own cherished versions of thukpa.  One of the best things about thukpa is that it is extremely versatile, and you can add virtually any item you want into the dish once the basics of noodles, soup, and some vegetables have been put in. 

Thukpa preparations usually start with cooking your noodles al dente, so that it can cook further in the soup. This is followed by adding to oil vegetables of choice, cooking them and then adding spices, including ginger, pepper, garlic, chilies, and of course, salt. Once the vegetables are done, water is added to the mix to make a light soup. This is also the time to introduce pre-cooked, shredded chicken into the mix for the non-vegetarians. After the soup is allowed to simmer for around 10 minutes, the thukpa becomes heavy and concentrated, and the cooked noodles are added in. With another sitting of 5 minutes, the thukpa is ready to be garnished and served.

Depending upon the type of thukpa made and the number of ingredients one wishes to serve, the dish can be easily made within thirty to forty minutes. A great, healthy meal, thukpa is not just filling but also heart-warming, and an excellent choice for a comfort food, or a cold winter day. 

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