What Is Detox Diet And Can It Be Your Next Health Booster?

What Is Detox Diet And Can It Be Your Next Health Booster?

Are We Toxic?

Advancement in medical sciences and standard of living means that today, we are no longer at risk from traditional illnesses. That doesn’t mean, however, that our health has no concerns – rising levels of pollution and poor lifestyle practices have put forward new challenges to our body, including chronic illnesses such as hypertension and obesity. 

It cannot be denied that the human body intakes much more harmful chemicals today as compared to our ancestors. The pollutants that ravage our body comes not only from the air we breathe, but also the water we drink, the kind of clothes that come into contact with our skin, and yes, from what we eat. Indeed, many definitions of poor health today include descriptors such as lethargic, listless and heavy, all of which seem to indicate that our bodies contain pollutants that are affecting our well-being. 

Detoxing – Fad or Founded In Science

While detoxing makes a logical sense and has been followed by numerous people, including celebrities, across the world, the scientific jury is still out on detoxing. 

Many variants of detoxing exist today, ranging from simple fasting and cleansing to more military versions that seek to create a radical change in lifestyle. Unfortunately, most of these diets do not specify how they work and that are the toxins that they seek to remove, making studies on them difficult. Detox diets are also contradicted by medical facts that suggest that bodily organs such as livers and kidneys are often quite proficient in removing toxins without external help. 

While many people do feel better and more energized post a detox, it can also create problems, such as constipation due to the lack of fiber. Weight loss that comes from detoxing also seems to be temporary, resulted from the loss of fluids and carbs, and this weight may be back as soon as your detox ends. 

Should You Give Detox A Try?

Given the lack of medical evidence, trying a detox may not seem like worth the effort. However, detox does have the right idea – our lifestyle and environment are often polluted, and this negatively impacts our health. Detoxing can be a good idea, only if you keep certain important points in mind – 

  • Use It To Jumpstart Good Health – A major issue with detoxing is that people believe one week of clean eating and exercising will have a good impact. It will – but only for a limited period of time. To see lasting changes that impact your health for the better, use detoxing as a springboard to introduce new ideas and lifestyle practices that can keep you healthier in the long run. 
  • Don’t Engage in Extreme Calorie Cutting – Do not mistake detoxing to be a crash diet or fasting – no amount of liquid, no matter what its contents, is enough to keep you satiated and healthy. Cutting off your food supply in such a drastic manner can cause fatigue and irritability, and even lead to deficiencies in the long run.
  • Subtract and Add Equally – Drinking green tea and eating salads will be of no use if you gorge on the takeout every night. Detoxing should be about replacing bad habits with good ones. Swap out your nap with a walk, cook a meal instead of ordering one, and drink some fresh lemonade instead of coke. Even such minor changes can go a long way when it comes to a healthier you. 
  • Consult The Experts – Any radical changes in your lifestyle are bound to bring up health challenges, which can become even more serious if you have an existing medical condition. Be sure to consult doctors and trainers when you engage in such detoxing. 

The Bottom Line And One Thing to Avoid 

You may have by now realized that detoxing seems to be just another term for the most commonly recommended health practice, and you are right – the key has always been in the simple practices of healthy life, which include eating well and exercising well. The rest are just embellishments and keywords that will come and go, while the expert advice will always remain the same. 

On the topic of detox, there is one very important thing that you must avoid at any cost. A number of influencers and ‘celebrities’ are known to advertise detox diets, shakes and teas that supposedly help you shed weight and cleanse your body. Never fall for these claims. Often simply laxatives and diuretics in fancy packing and flavor, these products are known to cause numerous side effects and cost you a pretty fortune for it. The celebrities who advertise it are paid to post their promotions, and it is very likely that none of them use these things – remember that they have an arsenal of stylists, trainors, and nutritionists to look the way they do.
True detox comes from not only adopting a healthy lifestyle, but also a healthy mindset, one that focuses on wellness and happiness rather than societal and artificial standards of perfection. The best detox will always be the one that keeps you healthy rather than thin. 

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