These Tricks Will Get A Glow On Your Face

These Tricks Will Get A Glow On Your Face

Glowing skin is a confidence and mood booster, takes off the age from your face, and also indicates a healthy body. If pollution and poor lifestyle has been attacking your skin lately, try these yoga tricks to get back that natural glow –


One of the famous pranayama or breathing exercises of yoga, Kapalbhati helps in detoxifying the body, getting rid of negative energy, and restoring calmness and balance to the body. A booster for overall health, this practice enhances blood circulation, increases metabolism, and can even remove dark circles. 

Kapol Shakti Vikasak

Another breathing exercise with multi-dimensional benefits, the kapol shakti vikasak helps in releasing built-up stress, while also challenging and toning the facial muscles. With better tone and flexibility comes a healthier skin. Practice this exercise regularly and see the results yourself. It works wonders for face wrinkles, acne, pimples. It will bring the glow to your face. People with hypertension and heart-related disorder, please be careful while doing the practice. 

Inversion Yoga

Get the blood pumping into your face while simultaneously challenging your body with the inversion series of asanas. These poses such as the headstand and viparita karani help in increasing the circulation of blood to your facial muscles and skin, enhancing oxygen availability and maintaining the flexibility of the skin. 

Facial Yoga

A relatively new style of yoga developed in Japan (known for its cultural preservation of youth), facial yoga involves gently massaging the face with a series of flowing steps to stimulate muscles, facilitate blood circulation, and maintain the elasticity of the skin. This protects the face against wrinkles and keeps the youthful glow on it. 

Kunjal Kriya

One of the ancient ways of cleansing the body, especially the digestive tract, this practice involves drinking copious amounts of salted water, till the point you cannot drink anymore, and then letting come out like vomit. By unblocking the digestive system, kunjal kriya automatically boosts skin health. Be assured, however, that this practice is less intense than normal vomiting (also because it is controlled and water is being expelled under control and not solid food is involved). But if you do face unpleasantness, you may need to exercise more caution and do the practice properly under the guidance of a teacher.


Stress is often a leading factor when it comes to acne, wrinkles, and oiliness on the face. Regular meditation can help you calm the mind and attain peace and relaxation. Not only is this good for your mind, but it will also help keep your skin clear and healthy.

Mindful Food Pairing

Digestive issues can often show up on your face, especially in the form of lifelessness and acne. To keep these skin problems at bay, follow the Ayurvedic concept of balance, which warns against the awkward pairing of foods, such as fish with dairy. Both your stomach and skin would be better off for it.

Know Your Dosha

Ayurveda categorizes people into three groups – the dry skinned Vata, the sensitive pitta, and the oily Kapha. By knowing your skin type, you can balance your skin daily and across reasons to ensure radiance all year long. For example, those with a pitta dosha may need greater moisturizing in the winters to protect their skin.

Go Natural

Highly processed junk food usually contains copious amounts of sugar, oils, and preservatives which can push your digestive system out of balance, and also show up on your skin as oiliness, acne, and bloating. Slowly switch to more whole and raw food, made at home with ingredients you know. As your entire body becomes cleaner and lighter, the effect will be very visible on your face too.


A consistent reminder across the eastern and western trove of knowledge, adequate hydration is considered one of the most essential bases for healthy skin. Drinking water regularly means that the skin remains soft and balanced, toxins are flushed out from the body, and your digestion takes place without a hitch, all of which lend to a glowing face.

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