The Reasons for Mastering Your Chakras

The Reasons for Mastering Your Chakras

The whole world is formed with energy at its core. This continuous entropy, as we call it is the result that things keep happening. Every time there is a disbalance, something else happens to bring the entire universe in balance. The time till this rebalancing happens, the negative entropy create issues and hassles in the ambience. The same holds true for the universe we call our body too!

No, when we talk about a human body, it is also made up of different energies that are represented in the form of Chakras. It is a Sanskrit word that means a wheel or Disk. They are the metaphysical vortices of energy that connect the physical being with spirituality. These chakras are responsible for creating a balance between body, mind and emotions so that we can stay focused.

Any kind of imbalance in Chakras causes mental, emotional, and physical illness. There are 7 chakras in our body and each of them has different characteristics, vibrations, and colours. They are connected like the wheels of a clock and if one of them is not working right, then it will create an imbalance in the whole body. The imbalance is further divided into two categories- Fast and Slow. Also, it can be open or closed. When we are aware of it then it will help us to maintain harmony.

Now, let’s talk about each Chakra and how mastering each chakra helps us.

Chakra 1

Chakra one is known as the Root and Red colour it is located in the sacral bone. If you become a master in it, then you can enjoy self-efficiency, self-control, physical energy, superior health, and be rooted with the world.

Chakra 2

Chakra two is associated with Sacrum and orange colour and it is located above the sacrum and below the navel. A mastery in Chakra 2 keeps you enthusiastic, creative, confident and expressive.

Chakra 3

Chakra three is associated with Solar Plexus and yellow colour and is located in the stomach or Nabhi. If you become a master in it, then you will be able to feel powerful, self-esteem, determine, spontaneity, humour, and pride.

Chakra 4

Chakra four is associated with Heart and green colour and is located at the level of the sternum. If you become a master in it, then you will be able to feel loved, will boost your emotional development, a sense of security, forgiveness, respect, wisdom, and positive about your life in general.

Chakra 5

Chakra five is associated with the Throat and blue colour and is located in the gorge. If you become a master in it, then it will become easier for you to be expressive and would improve your communication skills holistically, your personality during making the conversation included.

Chakra 6 

Chakra six is associated with the sixth sense and Indigo colour. If you become a master in it, then you will become charismatic, intuitive, and will be able to see the future pretty clearly.

Chakra 7 

Chakra seven is associated with energies beyond the being and Blanco colour. If you become a master in it, then you will be able to feel magnetic and the overall harmony, peacefulness, goodness, and love that abounds in the universe.

The easiest way to align your Chakras is by pursuing Yoga. Yoga helps in moving the energy in your body and in creating a balance. It is a powerful tool to get relief from life’s pressure and struggles. To know about the yoga poses to boost and maintain the energy of each of these energy vortices or chakras, please visit our blog on Chakra Balancing

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