Tadasana- Mountain Pose

Tadasana- Mountain Pose

Entering the posture:

  1. Stand with feet hip distance apart, shoulders relaxed, spine & neck straight
  2. Raise both arms over the head and lock the fingers, palms facing upwards.
  3. Stretch the arms towards the ceiling. Spine, waist and shoulders also stretched out.
  4. Gently raise the heels of both feet. Try to balance.
  5. Look straight or just a level above the front linear gaze. The sight doesn’t move or change during the practice.
  6. Inhale and exhale long breaths while staying in the posture.

Coming out of Posture:

  1. Bring the heels down- feet completely on the mat.
  2. Relax the stretch, release the lock. Place the arms down near the body.
  3. Relax the eyes.


  1. Inhale while entering posture.
  2. Inhale and exhale while holding on to the posture
  3. Exhale while releasing the asana


  1. While stretching- to the spine, Shoulders, arms and waist.
  2. While holding on the posture, awareness towards breathing.


  1. Improves posture.
  2. Strengthens thighs, knees, and ankles.
  3. Firms body muscles (especially around abdominal area), tones the nervous system.
  4. Relieves sciatica

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