Nurturing Prenatal Yoga Poses For Expecting Mothers

Nurturing Prenatal Yoga Poses For Expecting Mothers

Pregnancy is a wonderful yet tough time for expecting mothers. Your body undergoes a lot of changes, deals with an incredible amount of stress, and grows and nurtures another living being inside until it’s ready to come out into the world. During this time, it’s important to nurture and take care of your own body as well. There are several things you can do to ensure a smooth pregnancy, and one of them is yoga.

There are several aspects of yoga that make it beneficial for everyone, but especially for pregnant women. It especially helps to deal with mental anxiety and stress, which is often caused due to fluctuating hormones and the enormous responsibility that comes with pregnancy. It also helps strengthen various muscle groups, which aids delivery and recovery after you’ve given birth.

However, not all poses or forms of yoga are beneficial during pregnancy. For example, the Bikram form of yoga, which is done in a hot room with humidity, is not suitable for expecting mothers. If you’re pregnant, the best forms of yoga would be prenatal yoga, hatha yoga and even restorative yoga. Always talk to your yoga instructor and health practitioner before trying out any poses.

Some of the best poses for expecting mothers provide gentle stretching, toning, and relaxation. 


The marjariasana, or the cat stretch, is good for stretching out the shoulder and the spine and helps keep the spine in good shape to be able to support the weight in the coming months.


or the warrior pose improves your balance, tones your lower back, increases stamina and helps you open up your pelvic floor. This way you can prepare for the delivery of your young one. Badhakonasana, or butterfly pose, is also ideal for increasing flexibility in the hip and groin region.  This also stretches out your thighs and knees, helping any pain.

Viparita Karani

where you put your legs up the walls, can relieve backache that may plague you during your pregnancy, as well as improve the blood flow to your pelvic region. Good blood flow translates to the muscles working more effectively, and this will also help during labour. This pose also relieves swollen ankles and varicose veins, which are common complaints from pregnant women. 


is ideal to try if you need relaxation. The relaxation also helps regenerate lost cells, and this self-healing is very important during pregnancy. This also will help reduce stress and give you a chance to live in the moment. Yoga Nidra will also be helpful if you decide to practice it, and will greatly aid your mental health by reducing tension and anxiety, and even regulate blood pressure.

Breathing exercises such as pranayama are also very beneficial during your pregnancy. Bahrami Pranayama can relieve headaches, and mitigate high blood pressure as well. Nadi Shodhan pranayama is deeply calming and enhances your body’s oxygen supply.
Prenatal yoga is essential if you wish to have a healthy and fulfilling pregnancy, and will aid you on your journey to becoming a mother. If you’re looking for professional help, and want to provide the best prenatal yoga for you and your baby, consider joining Hith Yoga. We’re one of the best yoga studios in Delhi, and provide specialized prenatal yoga for expecting moms, tailored to suit the individuals in every trimester of pregnancy. Joining a yoga studio will bring you several benefits, and can help you have the best pregnancy possible.

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