Best 30-Day Yoga And Meditation Routine To Follow

Best 30-Day Yoga And Meditation Routine To Follow

The beauty of yoga and meditation is that you don’t need to be a Yogi or Sage to reap the benefits of the same. There is a reason why yoga practitioners across the globe have been hooked to this amazing, well-routine of physical and mental exercises. Irrespective of your age, size, weight, yoga, and meditation have the power to calm the mind and strengthen the body. It will be foolish to get intimidated by meditation technology, fancy yoga words, and complicated poses. Yoga and meditation are for everyone. Doing any exercise daily is only for people who pay attention to their bodies and promise not to overdo it. The persistent practice of yoga and meditation can help in relieving stress and make the mind calmer. It is advisable to stick to an easy and routine so as to feel motivated to perform the exercises daily. Yoga and meditation go hand in hand. Yoga teachers are very fond of saying that yoga is all about breathing. Yogic breathing is the foundation of most yoga practices. Also known as Pranayama, which means ” to the extent the vital life force,” yogic breathing and asanas go hand in hand and are together considered as the highest form of purification and self-discipline, covering both mind and breathing. Yogic breathing and its emphasis on the mind-body connections help to yield strong emotional benefits in the form of better sleep cycle and reduction in stress levels and also break the unconscious breathing patterns and make the breath long, easeful and smooth. So given below is a comprehensive guide about a 30-day yoga and meditation routine, which can effectively change your life for good.

Benefits to be reaped from a 30 day Yoga and Meditation routine

Reduces Stress level :

A generous serving to physical and mental anxiety has become the new normal of today. Yoga has proven to be the greatest stress-buster of all. It helps to reduce hormonal cortisol (stress hormones), which are detrimental to sleep cycles and blood pressure.

Sharper Memory :

Meditation is a  predominant exercise for the brain to able to control it and pave the way for brain development. Studies have shown meditation can improve your memory. This is particularly important in tody’s digital age, where the attention spans are getting smaller and smaller, and people are facing difficulty to concentrate.

Improves cognition:

A relaxed and lightened mind has always proven to be a prudent decision-maker in most cases. Research has proved that those who practice yoga and meditation in their daily routine are prone to witness improved cognitive skills, which in turn, boosts their professional career.

Peaceful sleep cycle:

Meditation helps in calming the mind and sets in the sense of peace and tranquillity that induces sleep. It helps you to let go of those reoccurring thoughts that keep drifting off at night. You are also more likely to have a deeper sleep so that you wake up all energized to continue with your routine work.

Increases attention span:

A complete state of self-awareness, coupled with a high level of concentration, helps a person to absorb at the moment. Yoga provides for such experiences and reaches a ‘flow state,’ where the mind is entirely in harmony with itself. Meditation helps in altering your response to negative thinking. It gives a new prism of thought to every aspect of life and brings in a ray of hope and positivity. It helps in paying attention to thoughts and feelings without passing judgments and also encourages us to live in the moment, devoid of any worries about the future.

Increases Blood Flow:

Yoga gets your blood flowing. Various relaxation poses and exercises of yoga can help in blood circulation, especially of the hands and feet. It also gets more oxygen to the cells, which function better as a result of that. This, in turn, leads to a decrease in heart attacks and strokes since blood clots are often the cause of the same.

A Healthier Body :

Meditation can be seen as an excellent exercise for maintaining better mental and physical well-being. It is one of the best and easiest ways to ensure overall health. Research has shown that it can turn on genes that can protect you from pain, high blood pressure, and infertility, among other benefits. Meditation has also been proven to aid in cell generation within the body.

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10  Yoga and Meditation Pose to be included in a 30-day routine.

Yoga and meditation help to shift body patterns that one has developed over time, which are unhealthy and detrimental to the overall well being of life. When a person puts the body into a pose that is foreign, the body learns how to take a new shape. This, in turn, helps in breaking down psychological, emotional, physical, energetic, and psychic obstacles that inhibit a person from thriving. Some of the popular asanas or poses which can show significant changes in one month if religiously followed are:

Sama-Vritti or “Equal Breathing”

An excellent sleep-inducing breathing technique, which will ensure a stress-free mind, is this breathing exercise called Sama –Vriti, which translates to ‘equal breathing. IT is especially effective before bed. In this exercise, you begin by sitting or lying down in a comfortable position and inhale for four counts, then exhale for the same. All inhalations and exhalations are to be done through the nose to ensure controlled breathing. An uninterrupted sleep schedule is a pre-requisite for stress relief.

Child Pose- Balasana

Relaxation is an imminent criterion of the daily routine and should be done at least once every day. One of the easiest yoga postures, which inducing relaxation all across the body and helps to calm the nerves, is Balasana, which literally translates to child pose. This pose helps relieve the back, hips, and neck by stretching and soothing them out all at the same time. It is really essential to keep breathing while performing this pose.

Mountain Pose (Tadasana):

An ideal warm-up pose activates the core of the body and improves blood circulation. In this position, you need to stand on your feet flat, keeping the spine erect and facing the palm towards the body. While inhaling, try lifting the ankles and standing on the toes with the eyes facing the ceiling. Repeat the asana at least ten times.

Kapalbhati Pranayama

Otherwise known as Skull Cleanser, Kapalbhati Pranayama means skull shining breath. The main aim of this asana is to clear the mucus in the air passages, relieve congestion, reduce bloating, and improve lung capacity. However, it also facilitates in inducing an invigorating breath that can build body heat, that facilitates a proper bowel moment, which in turn helps in fighting a stressful mind. You need to start sitting comfortably with a tall, straight spine and exhale completely. Inhale briefly through both the nostrils, then sharply exhale (again out of your nose) while pulling your navel in towards the spine. The exhalation should be quick and active while inhalation short and passive.

Triabgle Pose- Trikonasana:

Another yoga for daily life, which helps in relaxing the body and mind, is Trikonasana. While doing this pose, you need to alternate on both of your left and right side, whilst forming a triangle. This pose helps your spine generate flexibility when you lean sideways, and it helps in reducing spondylitis. Also, it is important to ensure that your shoulders align with one another when leaning.

Sun Salutation- (Surya Namaskar)

It is an amalgamation of twelve yoga positions, each having a major impact on the body. The forward and backward bends allow stretches, while the deep breathing performed, detoxifies the entire body. It provides a sense of sense and living at the moment and thus providing for mindfulness to be instilled in our minds.

Boat Pose (Navasana)

Navasana is an amazing yoga for daily life poses, which helps in Bringing in positivity and rejuvenates the body to lead a better life. This pose challenges the core strength of the body and also fixes the posture. The Boat Pose is specially curated to mitigate the primary two concerns! When you align your legs straight out and have your chest up, creating your back to be completely straight. Your abdominal area is also targeted through this and thus all around improving strength in the core area.

Halasana Pose( Plow Pose)

This asana has proven to be very effective in calming the nervous system reducing stress & and fatigue, thus helping in relieving stress and relaxation of mind. It is also said to stimulate the thyroid gland, improving mood & energy levels. It is highly recommendable for people who are suffering from the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

So roll out your yoga mats, and let’s take it as a 30-day challenge.

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