What are the essential yoga asanas one should try daily?

DWQA QuestionsWhat are the essential yoga asanas one should try daily?
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No matter where you stand in your fitness journey, a vital thing that will navigate your course of well being is stretching. Yogic asanas tend to stretch the body immensely, which helps in stiffness and sore muscles. Yoga also has a myriad of asanas, which helps in both the mental and physical well being of the body. It is also an important stress-relieving tool, which facilitates having clarity of mind. Practising yoga every day, even for 10 minutes,  has many benefits for the body and mind. Some of the essential yoga asanas are :

Vrikshasana  ( Tree Pose)

It is a classic ‘yoga for mindfulness’ pose, which is primarily concerned with finding a balance between mind and body. In this pose, you are required to keep the left foot on the right leg straight and find the balance. Holding the pose for one minute can help you get stronger bones while also stretching the important muscle groups and calming your mind.

Sun Salutation- (Surya Namaskar)

It is an amalgamation of twelve yoga positions, each having a major impact on the body. The forward and backward bends allow stretches, while the deep breathing performed, detoxifies the entire body. It provides a sense of sense and living at the moment and thus providing for mindfulness to be instilled in our minds.

Equal Breathing (Pranayama):

This ancient practice of breathing is associated with Pranayama Yoga, in which the person inhales the same amount of time it exhales. One can practice equal breathing both in a sting position as well as lying down. This has proven to be effective in mitigating the anxiety disorder issue and a popular yoga asana for daily life.

Triangle Pose- Trikonasana:

Another yoga for daily life, which helps in relaxing the body and mind, is Trikonasana. While doing this pose, you need to alternate on both of your left and right side, whilst forming a triangle. This pose helps your spine generate flexibility when you lean sideways, and it helps in reducing spondylitis. 

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