Anti-Aging minimal Skin Care routine

Anti-Aging minimal Skin Care routine

All of us have dreaded our birthday after the age of 25. Not because we don’t like cutting cakes and celebrating but because we know that we are aging. With reducing energy levels something that gets overlooked is our skin. With age one of the most affected part of our bodies is our skin. Every person has a different skin type and hence different natural care has to be taken for each. Not only products that make the skin bright are helpful. A holistic approach towards life is required for anti -aging skin care routine.

As they say happiest girls are the most beautiful. It is a prophetic statement for anyone looking to change their aging skin to a more radiant one. We can notice this in everyday life that stressful people look less attractive than people who are happy inside. Before discussing every aspect of being beautiful even after 25, first let me give some natural remedies to start with. To bring behavioural changes may take time, hence in the meantime keep doing the following remedies. All the below given remedies are natural solution for anti aging.

  The different skin types and how to take care of each:

  1. For Oily Skin

Some women have more oily skin than others. Hence for them switching to natural remedies that takes away excess oil is recommended.

To Exfoliate: Use a solution of sea salt mixed with a pinch of baking soda in milk or curd. Rub it on the face and neck .

To Cleanse: Apply cucumber mixed with tomato on face and leave it for 15 mins

Moisturizing/Toning: As we know oily skin will need less moisturizing as skin adjusts, and often, the natural oils from oil cleansing are enough. A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a cup of water stored in the fridge works great. But remember Apple cider is not very good in smell, hence do not keep the concentration too high.

2. Normal/Combination Skin

Some people have a mixed skin, sometimes it’s oily and sometimes it is dry.

To Exfoliate: Use orange peels, dry them and then use them as a scrub as it is a wonderful natural exfoliator. 

To Cleanse: Castor Oil mixed with Olive oil.

To Moisturize: You guys do not need much in moisturizing. Simple shea butter is sufficient.

3. Dry Skin

This skin type can lead to many skin problems if not taken care of. It is my personal experience. I have a normal skin type but in summers it is more or less dry, When on a vacation somehow I forgot to get my moisturizer with me and had to bear without it for 3 straight days. In these days my skin around my lips has turned visibly white. Even after prolonged use of oily moisturizers I could not  get rid of those white marks around the lips. Yes it was as per my fear a case of dermatitis which was cured after by medicines and medicated moisturizers..

To Exfoliate: Not much required. Use a simple sugar and cucumber scrub.

To Cleanse: Do take a pinch of lemon juice in baking powder and cleanse.

To Moisturize: You can use whipped butter. Homemade cocoa and shea mix. While sleeping you can use glycerin to moisturize the skin overnight.

Are you putting enough sunscreen?

A study published in Annals of Internal Medicine, based on a research by Australian researchers on 903 white adults under age 55. They were divided in two groups. The surprising fact was, the group which was asked to put sunscreen daily showed 24% less signs of skin aging than the group which could use sunscreen anyway they like. 

It goes without saying that sun has become one of the worst agents of speedy aging process. The harmful rays of the sun are bad for direct exposure with the skin. There must always be a sunscreen on the skin that protects any direct contact with the rays.If you are staying in areas where sun remains strong all day, you must use a product with high SPF value. It has been seen that some people are allergic to commonplace sunscreens, it starts itching in the eyes and on skin with the application of sunscreen, then try to use organic sunscreen or you can bring one for the whole body and a milder one for face. Sunscreens are not the product anymore to be used only for the outside. One should apply sunscreen even while indoors.

Stress Related aging: It is not just a coincidence that people who take more stress are prone to whitening of hair early and wrinkles early. It has been proven through research that mental tension in women will take a toll on their physical health. Stress related weight loss is too common these days. Such stress related problems will inhibit the natural functioning of the body. When a body does not function properly then it will have an effect on the skin also. The skin gets dull, in the worst case you may start getting pimples on your face and problems like dermatitis are pretty common. Happiness is the best panacea for every type of skin, be it oily, be it normal or be it dry. If you have a stress related problem, you should either take meditation classes or start taking yoga seriously. Have you not seen the godly transformation of Shilpa shetty post her yoga exercises.

Trust me, we all fear aging. It makes us look not the way we wish to look. But we can always fool aging with proper care and a few changes in our lifestyle. Taking good care of the body is a must. As it is all connected, the body, the mind and the soul. The wellbeing of a person is a cumulative outcome of the three

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