Yoga Workshops

Hith Yoga believes that Yoga is for everyone. People from all walks of life and all age-groups can make use of this ancient practice and improve the quality of their life and thereby their performance. This understanding enables the Hith Yogis to offer customized yogic practices for everyone. As one-size does not fit all. We device separate workshops to suit different requirements and chalk out the best practice plans for you. Below are the range of workshops that Hith Yoga offers.

international yoga day
International Yoga Day On Demand
Do you require a corporate booking to spread awareness about the benefits of yoga to your office colleagues? Or, do you want a healthier future for your school children? Book a workshop with Hith Yoga for the occasion of International Yoga Day on June 21. This is the best opportunity for you to plan a workshop with our yoga trainers for a healthier future. Do not miss the occasion of "International Yoga Day" to join us for a life-changing workshop for you and your loved ones.


  • Workshops for Corporates
  • Workshops for Students
  • Workshops for Embassies
  • Workshops for Societies
  • Yoga Expert: Hitanshi
yoga for women
Yoga for Women On Demand
Yoga is considered one of the most effective fitness practices for women’s health. Regular yoga practice makes your body strong and flexible. Yoga helps to combat back pain, knee pain in women. Diseases and complications related to the female reproductive system are effectively addressed through Yoga. It not only helps in maintaining the menstrual cycle and reduces cramps but also aids in maintaining overall uterine health. More complicated diseases like PCOD and endometriosis have been relieved through Yogic practices.
For brides-to-be, yoga does wonders. Bridal yoga is a popular yoga therapy for glowing skin, weight loss and overall health. Yoga is equally beneficial for your mental health. Meditation can be a great for the mental health of women. It works well for depression, relieves stress and makes you calm and happy from inside. Hith Yoga offers Yoga for Pregnancy too. Prenatal and postnatal yoga postures take care of your health and mood swings in this period.


  • Designed For Female Needs
  • Sp. focus on Knee pain , back pain, reproductive cycles
  • Also covers: Skin care, weight loss and overall health
  • Yoga for pregnancy can also be covered
  • Yoga Expert: Hitanshi
Yoga for spine
Yoga for a Healthy Spine On Demand
Do you often suffer from back pain? This pain starts off from the spine. Sitting for a long time on your office desk or standing for a long time in the street may be the reason behind this kind of pain. Lower back pain may be caused by severe spine injury. In this case, yoga is the ideal solution. Yoga poses like bow pose and cat pose have been proved quite effective for Cervical and Lumbar pain. Stretching exercises improve this situation and make your body more flexible. If practiced daily, you mayavoid spine related injuries. Even regular practices of certain yoga poses like cow’s face pose and king pigeon pose can relieve Sciatica. All you need is a good yoga trainer and a yoga mat. Our Workshops on spine are aimed at improving body posture. Start yoga from our workshop and say goodbye to the painkillers.


  • Cervical and Lumbar Pain
  • Stretching exercises/li>
  • Better flexibility
  • Sciatica
  • Posture correction
Yoga for Mental Peace
Yoga for Mental Peace On Demand
Nowadays, stress has become a part of our daily lives. For that, mental cleansing is very essential. When it comes to mental cleansing, what can be better than yoga? Yoga therapy is the best natural therapy for our mind and soul. Yoga can help to reduce this increasing stress and negativity. Yoga therapy is the powerful tool to control anxiety. Research shows that people who perform yoga are mentally happy. Inner peace helps them to perform better in their daily life. There are simple asanas like child pose and lotus pose that you can perform regularly at home. These asanas help to combat depression and cheer you up. They are beneficial for both men and women. Certain poses help in anger management and create positivity around you. Learn effective asanas for peace of your mind. Our tailormade workshop is waiting for you.


  • Stress management
  • Fight depression
  • Combat anxiety
  • Anger management
  • Inner peace
Corporate yoga
Corporate Yoga On Demand
The Corporate industry is increasingly recognizing the value of physical and mental health and well-being for its employees. Yoga plays an important role in catering to these needs. While working in an office, you can avail the benefits of yoga at your workplace. Corporate yoga classes create an excellent atmosphere in an office. Chair yoga and Pranayam is important for improved posture, avoiding back pain and in keeping the body mobile. It also helps in uplifting the moods at workplaces. This boosts productivity among workers, improves thinking ability and helps in decision making. Practicing yoga at workplace helps in stress management, improves the EQ level of employees. This type yoga class is also helpful for better concentration. We at Hithyoga, offer customized corporate solutions for improved outputs by your employees.


  • Chair Yoga
  • Pranayam
  • Posture Correction
  • Stress management
  • Overall health
Yoga for educational ins
Yoga for educational institutions On Demand
Yoga is effective for maintaining the mental health of kids, students and young adults. Various yoga poses help to improve IQ among growing children. Yoga also enhances student’s emotional quotient (EQ), mindfulness and memory. In addition, yoga helps to reduce depression and relaxes the mind. Yoga is also beneficial for eyes. Regular practices would improve vision and even aid in getting rid of spectacles at a young age.
Our workshop specially designed for school-going students and students preparing for competitive exams, will help them overcome stress, maintain healthy body and mind; and achieve better results.

Beneficial for

  • Mental Health, Emotional quotient
  • Memory
  • Eye sight
  • Mindfulness
  • Overall health
Yoga for common ailments
Yoga for common ailments On Demand
Improper diet and modern lifestyle badly affected our life. Common ailments, a product of our unhealthy sedentary lifestyle have unfortunately become an indispensable part of our daily lives. Nowadays, Diabetes is one of the most common ailments in India, along with Obesity, Asthma, thyroid and blood pressure. Yoga can control the blood sugar level in Diabetic patients. Yoga is also proven helpful in treating Asthma and BP. Right yoga postures can treat joint pain and back pain. These days, a few common health issues are thyroid disease, digestive disorders and insomnia. Yoga postures like plough pose and fish pose can help you to manage thyroid. Yoga also improves digestive system and helpful in reducing obesity and insomnia.
It’s imperative to make yoga a part of one’s daily life for an improved lifestyle and avoid/correct lifestyle-induced disorders.

Practices for:

  • Diabetes
  • Obesity , digestive disorder
  • Asthma
  • Thyroid
  • Blood pressure
yoga for travellers
Yoga for Travelers On Demand
Yoga can do wonders for travelers. When we travel to new places, our body needs to adjust with the surroundings. So, our body and mind need proper care to cope up with new atmosphere. Yoga makes your body and mind prepared for any kind of changes. If you are nomadic, you must follow a few yoga postures. After spending a long time on driving seat, hip-opening yoga poses would be helpful. These would stretch your legs and improve flexibility. While on the road, you can try those postures. Meditation and breathing works practiced under the nature make a traveler more energetic. Sound health and rejuvenated mind make any road trip more enjoyable. We offer a complete set of yoga exercises and meditation within a short period of time. Our unique chanting sessions amidst the nature would make your mind calm and more relaxed. If you are visiting India, you shouldn’t miss this life-changing experience with Hith Yoga Travelers’ Workshops.


  • Improve flexibility
  • On the go: yoga poses
  • Meditation and breathing
  • Energetic
  • Yoga Expert: Hitanshi
Yoga for sports men
Yoga for Sports On Demand
Hith Yoga conducts special workshops for Athletes and Sports-persons. People who are primarily involved with excessive activities like athletics, as per the body types, profession and hobbies, we have designed our workshop for everyone. Our Yoga classes are beneficial for gym goers, joggers and athletes. Yoga is helpful for muscle-building. Yoga improves flexibility in dancers and helps them to perform better on the stage. Yoga classes are also beneficial for cricketers and lawn tennis players. Certain yoga poses help them to prevent major injuries on the grounds. Yoga techniques help the trekkers to build strong body and mental focus. Yoga poses heal certain sports related injuries. If you spend hours on the ground and stage, start yoga classes from now. Get trained from our workshop and improve your overall performance.


  • Designed for Sports Persons
  • Beneficial for Gymmers, Joggers and athletes
  • Improve flexibility
  • Better mental focus
  • Yoga Expert: Hitanshi
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