Vrikshasana (Tree pose)- Steps and Benefits


Yoga helps one to stay composed and balanced in life. Discussing different types of yoga poses in our recent posts, we have come to realise the tremendous benefits and importance of practising these asanas and including in our daily regimes. Yoga has many forms, and one of these forms is the poses or asanas which make your body healthy and improves core strength. Yoga has also helped in providing relief from various health problems and issues. It relaxes our mind and provides security in life. It is considered as an antidote to a healthy lifestyle. One such asana which we will discuss today is the vrikshasana or the tree pose. It derives its name from the Sanskrit word Vrikash menacing tree and asana meaning pose. The yoga posture resembles that of a tree standing tall and gracefully. This asana doesn’t require you to close your eyes, unlike the other asanas as open eyes will help to maintain the balance of the body while performing the posture. The asana should be practised on an empty stomach early in the morning. It should be done with utmost concentration and focus. It improves balance and activates the nervous system. It has a host of other benefits also, which makes it an essential part of the yoga regime.

How to do it?

Vrikshasana is not easy to perform. It might sound easy, but it requires a lot of strength and energy to perform the asana. The steps involved should be followed appropriately so that the maximum benefits can be achieved. Let’s discuss the steps involved in practising vrikshasana or tree pose.

  1. Start by standing straight and erect and keep your arms to the side of your body. 
  2. Now bend your right knee a little and keep the right foot up on your left thigh. The sole should be placed firm and on the root of the thigh.
  3. Then, breathe in and out and try to maintain a balance. Here your left knee is straight and erect.
  4. While you inhale gently lift your arms over your head and now join them together in the position of greeting someone. Most usually a namaste.
  5. To create a balance, look straight from a distant object and try to look in that position for some time. 
  6. Then keep taking deep breaths with your spine straight and body firm and elastic. 
  7. Now bring your hands from the sides and release the right leg. 
  8. Come back to the normal position and repeat the same with the left leg.
  9. Relax, and voila you are done.
  10. Modification of the asana- for beginners, it might be challenging to balance and stay in the position for long. In this case, they can take the help of a wall to maintain a balance. Also, it might become difficult to bring your left foot above the right knee. In this case, the foot can be placed below the knee.
  11. Precautions- people suffering from high blood pressure, insomnia and migraine should avoid practising the asana.

Benefits of Vrikshasana

The tree pose has terrific health benefits. It serves dual purposes. It not only strengthens the body but also stabilises the mind which is very necessary for living a healthy and stress-free life. Let’s discuss some of the excellent benefits of including vrikshasana in your daily life.

  1. It tones the leg muscles and makes the ligaments and tendons stronger.
  2. It makes the knees more robust and provides strength to the hip muscles.
  3. The asana helps in relieving sciatica and helps in improving the problem of flat feet.
  4. It enhances neuromuscular coordination.
  5. It provides flexibility and stability to the body. 
  6. It improves concentration power and helps in focusing better.
  7. The eyes and related parts are also strengthened and improved in the long run.
  8. It helps in deepening the thorax.
  9. It provides strength to the spine and eases the movement and improves balance.
  10. It provides relief from stress, anxiety and depression.
  11. It soothes and calms the mind and releases all the negativity from the mind. 

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