Vajrapradama Mudra- Steps and Benefits

Vajrapradama Mudra- Steps and Benefits

Vajrapradama Mudra is a mudra you can practice a number of times, and it is straightforward and mudra for trust. For this Vajrapradama Mudra, interlace your fingers, keep your palms open and place your hand on your heart in a resting position. Close your eyes and feel your own breath and heartbeat beneath your hands. It is found in therapeutic yoga sequences generally. It is yoga with your hand’s gesture to build up your confidence and self-trust. It surely brings a positive effect on your physical, mental, and emotional health. It has been derived from the Sanskrit words Vajra means thunderbolt, mudra means gesture. It is also translated as the mudra of unshakeable self-confidence. 

In the science of yoga, thunderbolt is described as powerful and focused energy. This hand mudra can be practiced while sitting, standing, or walking. It is to release your mistrust, self-doubt, and negativity. Vajrapradama Mudra is also practiced during meditation and pranayama. Realizes you the inner power of your soul.

Steps of doing Vajrapradama Mudra

The steps of doing Vajrapradama Mudra, if followed properly, give you immense confidence, courage, compassion, and openness. Follow the instructions of the yoga guru while doing Vajrapradama Mudra. It gives you inner strength and a positive attitude to see life. It takes you towards the path of truthness and self-confidence.

  1. Firstly, interlace your fingers with your thumbs pointing up in front of your chest.
  2. Secondly, settle your elbows wide with stretch and apart from each other.
  3. Rest your palms on your heart.
  4. Close your eyes and feel your breath and your heartbeat beneath your hands.
  5. You can use this mudra at all times.

Benefits of doing Vajrapradama Mudra

Vajra is also explained as diamond and thunderbolt; the diamond represents indestructibility, and the thunderbolt represents unstoppable force. Vajrapradama Mudra build unshakeable trust, courage, and self-confidence. 

  1. Vajrapradama Mudra builds up your confidence and positivity.
  2. It helps you in tackling insecurities.
  3. Provides you the feeling of self-assurance. 
  4. Build a balancing power to improve mental, physical, and emotional stability.
  5. It helps in controlling our breaths.
  6. Cultivates your inner strength and rejuvenates faith in something you are focused.

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