9 Benefits of Tattva Mudra

9 Benefits of Tattva Mudra

Another name of Tattva Mudra asana is the Truth seal; Tattva Mudra is also known as Aditi Mudra; it is related to earth that is Prithvi and Agni that is fire. It has been derived from the Sanskrit word Tattva means elements or principle, reality and truth, and asana is the pose. Tattva Mudra is to balance in the elements of this earth or universe as a sort of meditation to search for the True Self. Tattva Mudra is a search for self and the reality of life. It is practiced by placing the tip of the thumb at the root of the ring finger. Tattva Mudra is practiced to make the body steady, strong, and balance like the element earth or Prithvi and remove laziness, dullness, and insecurity. 

Steps of doing Tattva Mudra

In Hindu Mythology, this Mudra is always practiced for removing negative energy and bringing positive energy to the surroundings. In some of the traditions and religions, it is taken as an aspect of deity. Different schools and yoga gurus practice different types of mudras. This asana is to remain true to yourself and others too. It is related to various poses of meditation we generally practice.

  1. Firstly you have to turn your palms facing upside.
  2. Secondly, you have to bring each of your hand’s thumb to the base of the ring finger.

Benefits of Tattva Mudra

Fundamental essence if this Tattva Mudra is to practice it with a peaceful mind, and calmness must be there in your activity. Follow this Mudra everywhere and every time when you are doing any right thing or starting with yogasana.

  1. Tattva Mudra helps in reminding us of the truth and reality of ourselves.
  2. It helps in visualizing the true nature of the self, which is unchanging, pure, and whole.
  3. Performing Tattva Mudra improves your eyesight.
  4. It reduces the deficiency of vitamins in the body.
  5. Reduces tiredness in the body and mind.
  6. Increases the resistance of the body, enhances the immunity power to fight against various diseases and infections.
  7. It helps in concentrating more on things.
  8. Increases the analyzing power and focus.
  9. Tattva Mudra is also good for the skin.

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