What is Mrigi Mudra and its Benefits?

What is Mrigi Mudra and its Benefits?

Mrigi Mudra is derived from the Sanskrit word, which means to seal, close, lock up, or gesture. The other name of Mrigi Mudra is the deer seal. It is done for controlled pranayama. It is a gesture to achieve or obtain mental clarity and improves focus. The Mrigi Mudra or deer seal or deer posture, along with other breathing techniques in yoga or asana or exercise like ujjayi and kapalbhati, is widely renowned for its extraordinary health benefits for the mind and body.

Steps of doing Mrigi Mudra

There are number of steps to perform Mrigi Mudra asana which can be known with another name that is deer mudra or deer pose. Here are the following steps to practice it:

  1. Ball your right hand into a fist, then press your index and middle fingers into the base of your thumb so that they are in curled posture. 
  2. Stretch out the ring and little finger, keep your little finger straight but curl your ring finger slightly and then press it to pad to the little finger nail. 
  3. Align the fingertips as best you can; the idea behind this is to blend the two fingertips into one.
  4. In the next step, bring your hand to your nose, and be sure not to turn your head towards your hand. Try to keep your chin aligned over your sternum. Also, be sure to keep your right shoulder with your left shoulder.
  5. Tuck your right elbow in close to the sides of your torso without pressuring or hardening your armpits.
  6. The ring /little finger will close your left nostril; the thumb will do the same to the right; curl your fingers so that you can complete your nostrils with their more sensitive tips.
  7. Apply enough pressure to block the nostril when you close your nostril with fingertips, not the pad but not that much, which will stop the flow of breath through the opened nostril. 
  8. Repeat this simple practice by closing your right nostril by inhaling slowly through your left.
  9. Then close the left and open and exhale through the right.
  10. Finally, inhale through the right, close it, and open and again exhale through the left.
  11. Repeat the same process or steps two-three times, then release the mudra and relax and breathe normally for a minute.

Benefits of doing Mrigi Mudra

  1. This breathing technique is great for calming your brain before starting yoga daily
  2. It is a soothing exercise to calm racing thoughts and anxiety if you are having trouble while sleeping.
  3. It reduces the heart rate, decreases the depression rate, stress, and anxiety if one is facing.
  4. Mrigi Mudra helps in increasing the two hemispheres of the brain and the prana flow (life force energy).
  5. The best thing about this asana is that it can be done a t any time of day or as a part of your yoga or workout.
  6. It provides greater clarity of mind and focus.
  7. The hand posture of Mrigi Mudra reduces headaches.
  8. It is basically a unique yogic breathing technique that improves your controlling power as well.

The adoption of hand postures and mudra techniques has absolutely amazing effects in reducing headaches and fives greater mental peace. The benefits, however, are worth the effort. Always try this on a regular basis but with full care and calmness.

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