Marichyasana III (Marichi’s pose)- Steps and Benefits

Marichyasana III (Marichi’s pose)- Steps and Benefits

The Marichyasana III is known by Marichi’s Pose and sometimes Sage’s Pose. If we do sandhi viched used in the Sanskrit language, it will seem like (mar-ee-chee-AHS-anna). Marichi literally means a ray of light (maybe of sun or moon). It is believed that Marichi is the son of Lord Brahma and chief of the Maruts, which means “the shining ones”, the warlike god of storms. He is one of the seven rishis and great grandfather of Manu, who is the Vedic Adam and known as the Father of Humanity.

Steps of Marichyasana III

The steps are a little bit complicated, but if done one by one with the right posture and duration under the right guidance and observation, it will be easy and, of course, beneficial for outer as well as inner body parts:

  1. Sit in the Dandanasa (Staff Pose), which we have already discussed in our previous description.
  2. Bend your right knee and place your foot on the floor with the heel to support as close to the right sitting bone.
  3. Put your strength towards your left leg and rotate it slightly towards inwards direction.
  4. Then place the head of the thigh bone into the floor.
  5. Press the back part of your left heel and the base of the big toes away from the pelvis.
  6. Press your inner right side foot into the floor actively and soften your inner right groin.
  7. Make the position of straightening the leg thigh and bent-knee foot will support your spine to be straight. It is the first pre-requisite of a successful twist.
  8. Exhale and rotate your torso to the right and fold your left arm towards the right thigh.
  9. Hold your outer thigh with your left hand, then pull and release your right hip to the floor and relax.
  10. Press your right fingertips onto the floor just behind your pelvis, which helps you to lift torso upward and forward.
  11. Sink inside the inner right side, groin deeper into the pelvis, and allow your front belly to be lengthened up and out of the groin along with the inner right side thigh.
  12. Hug the thigh towards your belly. Turn your head to the right side and complete the twist in your cervical spine gently and slowly.
  13. Stay with the same pose for half a minute or 30 seconds and repeat it with the other side for the same duration.

Benefits of Marichyasana III

Marichyasana III helps you in many ways; it should be practiced with full enthusiasm and honesty as it involves your head movements in the same direction as your torso. Yes, it’s difficult for the beginners to sit upright straight after bending knees and cause back pain if not sit in the right pose. Always advised sitting on the folded, thick blanket or carpet.

  1. Massages the abdominal organ of your body, including the liver and kidneys.
  2. It helps the stretches of your shoulders.
  3. It stimulates the brain.
  4. It helps in improving back pain and hip pain.
  5. Improves the strength and stretching power of the spine.

After getting experience, one should follow all steps for a minute or more and obviously for both sides. It helps in improving the stretching power and strengthen the inner body organs as well. But it should be followed under proper guidance and observations.

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