Kali Mudra Benefits

Kali Mudra Benefits

Kali Mudra is a sitting asana and is also known as Ksepana Mudra, which is a gesture of pouring out and letting go. Kali Mudra is an asana which is practised in Restorative Yoga Sequences for healing symptoms related to depression, anxiety and/or insomnia. It encourages the positivity of the body and mind while clearing the blockages in the Sushumna Nadi or channel, thus reducing tensions and distractions. It is one of the types of pranayama or meditation. In Kali Mudra, all the fingers except the index fingers interlock, with the palms facing each other, and while the fingers interlock, the left thumb and not vice versa. Kali is the fierce and female formed, and kali is the goddess of destruction and evil forces. 

Steps of doing Kali Mudra

  • Bring your hands together for Kali Mudra, and it is the strong, bad-ass, protective energy that keeps the world turning.
  • Interlace your fingers, then point your index fingers to the sky, to acknowledge the strength of the warrior kali. 
  • Take a deep breath in, longer exhale out. Stay here for a few seconds.

Kali Mudra Benefits

Lets dive into the Kali Mudra benefits in detail-

  • The hand’s gesture of kali mudra represents the Hindu goddess kali, who represents the flow of energy, being strong and powerful.
  • It has the capacity to remove the tensions and negative feelings and vibrations internally and externally both.
  • Kali Mudra helps in reducing the stress, anxiety and depression. 
  • It reduces the tension and stiffness at the joints.
  • It helps in detoxification of the body by flushing out the toxins within the body and drain out the negative energy.
  • It helps in calming the mind and reduce unwanted weight.
  • It helps in making a new beginning with freshness and openness.

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