I-Want-It-So-Badly Meditation- Meaning and Benefits

I-Want-It-So-Badly Meditation- Meaning and Benefits

This is the meditation of transforming unhealthy issues and desires. I-Want-It-So-Badly Meditation is the way to generate your awareness and fulfill your desires. It helps to attain self-knowledge through self-control and self-development. It’s a goal to experience and release the divine self (soul or Atma) within us. It requires to follow self-discipline, continuous practice, and proper guidance and instructor. Meditation can give you a sense of calm, peace, and balance that can benefit both the mental and emotional well-being and overall health. 

Another meaning of I-Want-It-So-Badly Meditation has been derived from the Sanskrit word Dhyana. 

Steps to do I-Want-It-So-Badly Meditation

  1. Firstly think about your desires and become aware.
  2. Check the intensity to fulfill your particular desire; see your emotions’ quality or intensity. Check whether you are nervous or excited to complete the specific desire.
  3. You have to look into your heart.
  4. Once you get aware, ask few questions to yourself like:
  5. How a particular desire fit my priorities?
  6. Whether it will be beneficial to me and others?
  7. Will following this desire hurt me or not?
  8. Will it be fruitful for me?
  9. What will I have to sacrifice in the process of fulfilling this desire?
  10. Will it make a barrier between myself and my soul, or it will take me close to my inner soul?
  11. What will happen if you do not fulfill it?
  12. What do I want by getting what I want?
  13. Once you have figured out all pros and cons, then follow it in your voice.

Benefits of doing I-Want-It-So-Badly Meditation

This practice will make you aware of your need or desire and give you the way to fulfill it. You will be able to decide and judge the situation, whether it is right or wrong. You may become mature enough to analyze things independently, as no other person can know us better than we can. 

  1. It will bring awareness.
  2. I-Want-It-So-Badly Meditation helps in building strong determination.
  3. I-Want-It-So-Badly Meditation Increases your analyzing power.
  4. I-Want-It-So-Badly Meditation Reduces stress, anxiety, and fear.
  5. I-Want-It-So-Badly Meditation Lowering down the chances of memory loss.
  6. I-Want-It-So-Badly Meditation Improves sleep and improves insomnia.
  7. It increases the attention span.
  8. It promotes emotional health and improves inner attention.
  9. Relaxes the body, gives physical and mental strength.
  10. Gives profound observations, peace, and patience.
  11. Gives you courage, compassion, and kindness.
  12. It provides clarity, readability, and tangible experience.
  13. Meditation helps in controlling pain. It lowers the chances of memory loss and increases your concentration and focus. It is beneficial in all respects.

There are several ways to meditate, we can practice mindful meditation, spiritual meditation, focused meditation, movement meditation, mantra, transcendental meditation, progressive-relaxation, loving-kindness meditation, and many more to get ourselves happy and healthy.

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