Cross-Heart Kirtan Kriya Meditation- Meaning and Benefits

Cross-Heart Kirtan Kriya Meditation- Meaning and Benefits

Cross-Heart Kirtan Kriya Meditation is also known as with the words Breaks Addictions and Habits. Cross-Heart Kirtan Kriya Meditation provides you the balance in your mind and your life by practicing it regularly and whenever you need it.

This asana is very powerful in bringing changes in one’s life; it has a great spiritual effect. It helps re-arrange the subconscious mind at the most elementary level; this is the power of this mantra. It gives the energy of the ultimate level. It has the capability to break habits and addictions as it accesses the level of our mind where habits are inherited and created. This asana must be done in full guidance, and each step should be followed with concentration and presence of mind. Always remain to relax while starting any asana and keep all botherations away from your lives.

Benefits of doing Cross-Heart Kirtan Kriya Meditation

This asana must be done with full determination and dedication; if you want a question to be answered from yourself, always try to do it with the help of a lighted candle to help illuminate your answer or prayer. Cross-Heart Kirtan Kriya Meditation is a dhyana asana that gives you inner power, self-intuitions and motivates your brain when you are able to break your old habits and addictions just with the help of doing yoga regularly. It never gives you pressure in your mind but relaxes you from the many questions lingering in your mind.

  1. Cross-Heart Kirtan Kriya Meditation helps in stimulating the nerve endings in the fingertips.
  2. Balancing the right and left hemispheres of the brain.
  3. This positively changes your habits and gives freedom from various addictions.
  4. It also works through insecurities.
  5. It gives the best result if one practices it between 11 to 30 minutes duration.

How to perform Cross-Heart Kirtan Kriya Meditation?

Cross-Heart Kirtan Kriya Meditation asana and reciting of mantras originated from the kundalini tradition, which encourages a renewed sense of peace and balance in your mind and body. The Sanskrit name of this asana is dhyana.

  1. Sit in the easy posture just like sukhasana with your spine straight; you can sit on the chair in relax mode or settle yourself on the ground in a sitting pose.
  2. Cross your forearms below the wrist and hold them in front of the chest with the arms out slightly.
  3. Palms will remain face up and slightly turned towards your chest.
  4. And look at the tip of your nose.
  5. Then start reciting the mantra: “ SA TA NA MA.”
  6. This mantra is the component part of the mantra SAT NAM, which means truth is my identity.
  7. While reciting, touch your thumbs to each fingertip, starting with the index finger.
  8. SA- index finger, TA-middle finger, NA-ring finger, and MA-little finger.
  9. Sa- is Infinity, Ta-is Life, Na-is Transformation, and Ma- is Rebirth.
  10. Continue repeating the mantras, always starting with the index finger.
  11. The pace between every touch or movement must be approximately 1 second per fingertip.
  12. At the end of asana, inhale, hold your breath for a few seconds, focus your eyes in an upwards direction, and then exhale and relax.

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