What are the benefits of Chin Mudra?

What are the benefits of Chin Mudra?


After Namaste, Chin Mudra is one of the famous words in the world of yoga. Chin Mudra is used in all forms of meditation practice and is one of the most accessible formats.

Chin Mudra is combined with two words, Chit and Mudra. Chit means consciousness, and Mudra means gesture.

The Mudra helps to connect to our higher self, lifts light energy, calms the mind, creates a more receptive state, and brightens the overall mood. Not only in meditation, but Chin Mudra is used in asana and pranayama also.

Practicing chin mudra seems very easy, but this Mudra can only be conquered by a human being only. Apes, one of the most similar animals amongst all human beings, cannot touch the thumb’s end with the index finger’s end, which is quite fascinating to know. Chin mudra was one of the most significant milestones of human achievements as the ability to do this Mudra led to greater coordination of the fingers. Thus, human beings were able to perform a different task with fingers, and it brought confidence and changed the approach towards the life of humans.

These chakra meditations use mudras to open the seven chakras by using unique hand positions. These mudras have the ability and power to send more energy to specific chakras. Lord Vishnu can be seen with Shankha, Gada, Chakra, and Padma and the Sudarshan chakra is a powerful weapon of Lord Vishnu and Lord Srikrishna.

How to do Chin Mudra?

The chin mudra concept is straightforward as the hand’s thumb’s tip touches the end of the index finger, and the other fingers are left free. Connecting the end of the thumb and index finger makes it chin Mudra. The same Mudra is named Jnana Mudra if the last three fingers left freely are stretched and kept straight.

Step 1: Sit down on the floor while resting your hands on top of your thighs with your palms open.

Step 2: Now, tuck the tip of the index finger under the end of your thumb and keep the remaining three fingers extended lightly.

Step 3: To relax the hands’ back, place them on top of the thighs, and put the palms facing in an upward direction.

Step 4: Meditate and calm your mind so that all your negative thoughts and anxiety gets removed.

Concerning Yoga Philosophy, every finger has a deeper connection with the subtle layers of human existence. The ring finger is connected with the human mind’s emotions, while the little finger is an expression of the physical body. So the ring wearing ceremony of soul mates does make sense. The middle finger, which is the bundle of ego and reasoning, is the intellect’s expression. The index finger expresses the consciousness that is deep inside the human system, and the thumb represents the supreme consciousness.

The goal of the yogic journey, which is called Samadhi or complete unification of body, mind, and soul, happens when the individual consciousness reaches beyond the emotions, body, and intellect and reaches the supreme consciousness. 

When we practice meditation, each of them should make one aware of one’s true self and bring inner happiness, leading to the light shining inside. Thus, the Yogic journey’s goal begins with the most straightforward practice of Chin Mudra, and the light that shines inside should get widen and shelter other souls.

Benefits of Chin Mudra

  • It helps to connect a human to their higher self
  • Helps to lift dull energy and stamina
  • Calms the mind
  • Creates a more receptive state
  • Brightens the mood
  • Improve and increase concentration even during meditation
  • Promotes better sleep patterns
  • Reduces common ailments such as lower back pain
  • Relieves unnecessary tension in the body and stress

In the Chin Mudra, the index finger represents individual consciousness, and the thumb represents the universal consciousness. The little self is connected to the spacious Universal Self when the two join.

Time Duration for Chin Mudra

There is no particular time duration for the Chin Mudra. The Mudra can be practiced while seated in any place, whenever and wherever one has time. Before practicing the Chin Mudra gesture, it is good to check with a doctor, though there are no significant side effects of Chin Mudra.

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