Benefits of Firefly Pose (Tittibhasana)

Benefits of Firefly Pose (Tittibhasana)

Firefly Pose can also be called as Tittibhasana  in the Sanskrit language. It is quite challenging Pose and arm balancing pose, which requires concentration and full determination for practising it. One can be an expert if practice regularly. This asana helps in strengthening the arms, and wrists. Firefly Pose or Tittibhasana also stretches inner groins and back torso. Avoid Firefly Pose or Tittibhasana if one has injuries in neck, arms, shoulders elbow and wrists.

Steps of doing Firefly Pose

  • Squat with your feet a little less than shoulder distance apart. 
  • Tilt your pelvis in forwarding direction and bring your trunk between your legs.
  • Straighten the legs enough to lift your pelvis to about knee height.
  • Bring your left upper arm and shoulder as much as one feels comfortable underneath the back of your left thigh just above the knee and place your left hand on the floor at the outside edge of your foot, fingers pointing forward.
  • Repeat this action on the other side.
  • Lift yourself off the floor very carefully, shifting your centre of gravity.
  • Press your hands into the floor and slowly rock your weight back and off your feet and onto your hands.
  • Keep your inner thighs as high on your arms as possible.
  • With an inhalation stretch your legs out to the sides as straight as you can, keeping your pelvis high to make your legs parallel to the floor.
  • Press the base of your big toes and pull your toes back towards your torso, and spread them apart.
  • The inner edges of your feet should be angled slightly in the forward direction, and the outer edges slightly back.
  • Straighten your arms and hollow your chest as you can widen your shoulder blades.
  • Lift up your head and somewhat forward.
  • Stay in the Pose for 15 seconds or longer then release and relax with an exhale.

Benefits of Firefly Pose

  • Firefly Pose or Tittibhasana helps in stretching the inner groins and back torso of your body.
  • It helps in strengthening the arms and wrists.
  • It also tones belly and very helpful in reducing weight.
  • Improves the sense of balancing.
  • Improves the determination of doing an act.

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