Anantasana Side Reclining Leg Lift

Anantasana Side Reclining Leg Lift

Starting the Anantasana Side Reclining Leg Liftposture:

  1. Lie down on the supine position.
  2. Now turn to the right side with the left leg on the top of the right leg.
  3. Bend the right arm- hand supporting the head and elbows bent on the floor.
  4. Head is relaxing on the right palm.
  5. Place the left hand on the left thigh.

Entering the Anantasana Side Reclining Leg Lift posture:

  1. Raise your left leg up (vertical position). Do as much as your body allows. Other way to do is that you can also bend the knee and lock the left hand fingers to the left toe and then stretch the leg up.
  2. Try to hold the left foot with the left hand stretching the leg completely.
  3. If this is not possible, then hold the left thigh or calf muscles from the left hand.
  4. Legs and arm is straight and stretched out. Both right and left legs are straight.
  5. Hold on to the posture for 3-5 breaths.

Coming out of the posture:

  1. Release the left hand. Relaxing the leg and bring it down gently placing it back on the right leg.
  2. Relax the right arm. Head down on the mat.
  3. Lie down on the supine posture.
  4. Turn to the left side and repeat from the other side.
  5. Come out of the posture and relax in shavasana.


  1. Inhale while raising the left leg up.
  2. Long and deep breaths while holding to the posture.
  3. Exhale while relaxing the left leg.
  4. Normal breaths after coming out of the posture.


  1. To the entire leg- from the hips to the toes while stretching.
  2. Towards the breathing.

Benefits of Anantasana Side Reclining Leg Lift:

  1. Stretches the legs and hips muscles, relaxes the abdominal muscles and make them stronger & flexible.
  2. It helps to reduce weight from thighs and hips.
  3. Stretches the sides of the torso
  4. Brings the balance in breath and body.


People with slipped disc, cervical spondylitis and major sciatic issues should not practice this pose.

Also read: https://www.hithyoga.com/meditation-and-the-art-of-being-present-in-the-moment/

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