12 Amazing Benefits Of Uttana Shishosana

12 Amazing Benefits Of Uttana Shishosana


After a long day at work, we feel so tired and low on energy. To remove our fatigue and rejuvenate ourselves, we might think of drinking an energy drink or taking a rest for a few hours. But how about giving yourself mental peace with the help of yoga. Yoga helps in maintaining the overall health of your body. It helps in mental and physical growth. There are many asanas in yoga which cater to different health issues and problems.

One such yoga asana is the Uttana Shishosana. This asana helps in feeling better and relaxed after a hectic schedule. The asana improves self-confidence and boosts energy. It derives its name from the Sanskrit word uttana meaning intense and shishu meaning puppy. The posture resembles that of a puppy taking a low stretch forward with its entire body. The asana is performed as a follow-up pose and calms the muscles and can be performed multiple times during the yoga session. It should be performed early in the morning on an empty stomach.

How To Perform Uttana Shishosana?

By the name, the asana might seem to be very difficult to practice, but with a few simple steps done in the right manner can make it very simple and easy. The uttana shishosana is very beneficial and helps relieve stress and anxiety. 

The Steps Involved In The Asana Include-

  1. To start with, stand on the mat in a tabletop position. Keep your shoulders above your wrists and hips above your knees and tuck your toes inside.
  2. Now keep your hips away from your knees and slowly walk your hands forward.
  3. Then keep your head on the mat or a block according to your body and neck. While your chin rests on the mat.
  4. Now deeply stretch your spine and press firmly with your chest and shoulders. And pull your hips back to create traction.
  5. Keep the pose for a minute. And slowly come back to your normal position.
  6. Relax and calm your mind and body.
  7. Modification of the asana- for beginners, it might be difficult to perform the asana in the right manner. They can keep a blanket or pillow in the middle of the calves or thighs to ease the process of asana.
  8. Precautions- people suffering from knee or leg injury should not perform this asana. It is advisable to do the asana under the supervision of the yoga instructor or guru. 

Benefits Of Uttana Shishosana

The Uttana Shishosana asana is like an antidote for providing relief from stress and anxiety. The asana has amazing health benefits and should be incorporated as a part of the yoga session in our daily lives. The Benefits Of Uttana Shishosana Are-

  1. The asana gives a good stretch to the spine and shoulders.
  2. It improves flexibility of the spine.
  3. It activates the nervous system.
  4. The asana strengthens and stretches the hips, arms and legs. 
  5. It keeps negative thoughts away and soothes the mind and body.
  6. It is helpful in relieving stress and major headache problems.
  7. The asana activates the chakras related to heart and spine and thus promotes self-confidence, self-love and happiness.
  8. It also has many mental benefits which helps one keep happy and comfortable going in life.
  9. It gives a good massage to the abdominal muscles of the body.
  10. It also increases the blood circulation in the body.
  11. People dealing with insomnia can benefit from this asana immensely. It works as a therapy for such people. 
  12. The asana helps to be self-aware and conscious of your breath.

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