Yoga and its benefits for Anti Aging

Yoga and its benefits for Anti Aging

There are many benefits to yoga, some of which may be very obvious, such as the physical benefits. You’ll find yourself becoming more flexible, strengthening various muscle groups and overall improving your health. It also helps tune your mind and body to be in better sync, and aid your spiritual growth as well.

Although more subtle than the physical benefits, yoga can actually help you prevent, and to a certain extent even reverse the adverse effects of aging. Yoga as a form of lifestyle provides several benefits. You don’t just see aging through fine lines and greying hair, but through a loss of elasticity in the mody, and a smaller range of movements, lower endurance, etc. Yoga will help keep you not just looking, but feeling younger, and here’s how.

Physical Attributes:

As you age, there is a high chance of your body weakening. Aging causes loss of bone and muscle mass, which leads to a greater chance of injury. It also causes the tell tale aches and loss of energy which come with aging. With yoga however, you can maintain bone and muscle mass. Weight-bearing yoga exercises in particular, help maintain your bone density. This in turn can stave off conditions like osteoporosis or osteopenia.

If you’re facing a condition like arthritis, though, avoid bearing weight on your wrists and hands, where arthritis is more common. Yoga stretches can help keep your joints limber, which is great for reducing joint stiffness and inflammation. Practicing exercises that focus on the core is great for dealing with back pain, another issue that is common with aging.

Yoga can also help deal with chronic pains, ligament and disc issues as well. This will help keep your body in peak shape, and consequently keep you feeling youthful even as you age.

Mental Attributes:

Not only will yoga keep you in good shape when it comes to your body, it will also keep your mind feeling young. A young mindset is as important as a rejuvenated physique if you want to keep feeling at your peak. And yoga can help with that.  Yoga increases the amount of DHEA, an anti-aging hormone produced in your brain, and reduces the level of cortisol, the infamous stress hormone.

Yoga and meditation in particular, also help increase the levels of melatonin, which will aid getting better sleep at night and keep you feeling refreshed. Keeping a certain level of meditation and mindfulness practice many also help you in more ways than you think. It keeps you present in the moment, helping you come to terms with your past and in that way, keep an optimistic and young mindset.

If you’re ready to take the advantages of yoga, consider joining a yoga studio and starting your classes today. If you’re in Delhi, Hith Yoga is a great option for you. It is one of the best yoga studios in Delhi, and offers many different types of yoga to suit your needs, as well as guided meditation routines.

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