10 must-have Yoga accessories for a seamless Yoga Experience

10 must-have Yoga accessories for a seamless Yoga Experience

The word Yoga means to unify or unite. Yoga is a system of practices that encourages the harmony of body, mind, and spirit. It is a spiritual science that gives a sense of oneness. Yoga has been in our culture for centuries, and nowadays, more and more people are drawn to this ancient Indian science. As a beginner, it may be difficult for you to know what are the yoga accessories you may require for your yoga practices. Yoga consists of many poses hence; it is important to have the right yoga accessories to carry out the yoga asanas comfortably. Here, we walk you through the must-have yoga accessories for all yoga practitioners.

Yoga Mats

10 Must Have Yoga Accessories: Yoga Mat

There can be plenty of research for you to do before you begin your Yoga practice. You may be confused about the yoga class you want to join or the yoga instructor you wish to follow or the kind of body you want to achieve by practicing yoga. But all of these will not be possible without the most essential out of all the yoga accessories, the yoga mat. The yoga mat is more than just an accessory. It provides you a solid base to perform yoga poses and gives stability to your body. Yoga mats help your body with flexibility and balance. It creates and defines your personal space while you are practicing asanas. Choosing the correct yoga mat is also important as how good you become at yogic asanas will all depend on the surface you are practicing on. Opt for a colour or pattern which suits your choice. Apart from the colour and design your yoga mat also need to be stable, comfortable yet easily portable. The thickness of your yoga mat will decide how comfortable it is for you. Thick yoga mats will give you a cushy surface however if you want to feel a stronger connection with the floor then its best you opt for a thinner mat. The material of the yoga mat will decide the stickiness, its texture, eco-friendliness, and sponginess of it. It will also dictate how your mat ears out over some time. Choose the material carefully as most commonly available yoga mats are made of PVC, natural rubber, etc. Eco-friendly options like mats made of jute, recycled rubber, and organic cotton are also available in the markets. This guide will help you choose your yoga mat for a blissful session of Yoga.

Yoga Straps

10 Must Have Yoga Accessories: Yoga Straps

Yoga practices help in increasing awareness of your own temple that is your body. It will increase your body strength and flexibility. Also, yoga boosts your self-confidence and makes you comfortable in your own skin. Yoga helps to align your body postures and movements. Proper alignment is considered pivotal and that is where yoga accessories play its role. Yoga Straps help you test your flexibility and with more and more practice make your body flexible. Yoga blocks can help those with constrained body postures and align them better. These days most yoga studios have various yoga accessories on them. But you can always choose to buy your own set of yoga accessories. Yoga blocks are props that increase your body strength and help you get deeper into the postures. It can help you get into the posture, hold it, and get out of the yoga postures effectively. Yoga Straps and blocks are easy to use and can be used at home as well. Make sure to have an instructor or the advice of a guide before you begin practicing with the straps and blocks.

Yoga Knee and Wrist Pad

10 Must Have Yoga Accessories: Knee pad

Often people make the mistake of hastily trying to get back in shape without putting much thought into the consequences of it. Wrong yoga postures for prolonged periods can be extremely dangerous for your body. Yoga accessories like yoga knee and wrist pads are useful to build core strength and toning muscles. This will result in enhanced energy levels too. A strong inner core means better yoga postures and increased body strength. A strong core also ensures injury prevention. Yoga pads are designed in a manner that provides a soft cushion to your joints so that you can practice those difficult poses comfortably without hurting yourself. Advanced yoga poses may sometimes be stressful for your joints like elbows, knees, hands, wrists, and shoulders. Yoga knee and wrist pads can come in handy then.

Yoga Towel

10 Must Have Yoga Accessories: Yoga Towel

People are incorporating Yoga into their workout routines and daily lifestyle. Yoga is an ancient technique that connects the mind, body, and spirit through breath, meditation, and body contortions known as asanas. Yoga accessories like Yoga towels are made to add longevity to your Yoga mats. Mats can get spoilt and break down with regular use. This is where Yoga towels guard the wear and tear of your mats. A full-length towel can add durability to your mat and take care of hygiene concerns. Yoga Towels can be machine-washed and hence acts as barrier cleanliness and protection. Also, if you practice Yoga in a class and use the yoga mats provided by the studio, then Yoga Towels will provide a protective layer between you and that shared Yoga mat.

Bags and Slings

10 Must Have Yoga Accessories: Yoga BAG

Are you heading to a Yoga class? Do you drive or walk to the class on your own? Then this yoga accessory is just right for you. Bags and Slings for yoga mats are very important, as they help you be hands-free and move around with ease. Life is much easy without worrying about if your Yoga mat will fall-off or unroll on its own or get drenched in the rain. A yoga bag or sling bag lets you go hands-free to your yoga class. This leaves your hands available for your driving or taking a call or enjoying your favourite coffee. There are a variety of Yoga bags in the market and some bags even have space for accessories, towels, and an extra pair of clothes.

Yoga Apparel

10 Must Have Yoga Accessories: Yoga Apparel

You can turn to yoga to get back into shape, become mindful of your lifestyle, or to inculcate better living habits; yoga can be easily incorporated into every aspect of life. An open-air space is considered best to practice Yoga. However, Yoga accessories play a pivotal role in yoga asanas. Improper body postures can have negative effects on the body and mind. Also, if the yoga poses are not practised correctly it can have injuries on your body. One such yoga accessory is the apparel that you wear/ use. Your workout clothes should feel a certain way no matter what kind of workout you engage in. Especially with Yoga, you will need clothing and gear which supports your body movements and keeps you perspiration-free. People now turn to yoga clothing for fashion too. Yoga clothing with colours and patterns, pockets, and plenty of mesh cutouts are very popular. Try doing some stretching or asanas in the store before buying your yoga clothes. Yoga bottoms come in a wide variety of lengths, styles, and fits. You may opt for high-waisted pants because they are less likely to ride down below while you are performing downward inversions Alternately, you may also choose to wear loosely fitted pants for your yoga sessions. ‍ Yoga shorts too are a good option for women and men, as they can come in handy during the summers. ‍Put some thought into buying your yoga tops. You may choose a perfectly fitting tank top or t-shirt. This will ensure you can have a free mind while exercising not having to worry about if your top is going to roll up. It is better if you choose a breathable fabric and a material that keeps moisture off your body. Make sure your yoga top dos not gape your chest or falls over your head. ‍Try considering yoga sweaters for the chilly winter season. Also, an extra layer of clothing can prevent that chill sensation which usually happens post a rigorous session of yoga.

Mat Wash

This one accessory is designed just for Yoga mats. Mat washes will help you get rid of any kind of germs and bacteria without wear and tear of your mat. In today’s time where viral diseases and pollution has become a common part of our lives, it has become crucial to maintaining personal hygiene for your own safety. Mat wash will also result in making your yoga mats free of any kind of sweat odors. It will keep your mats smelling fresh so that you can enjoy a beautiful fragrance.

Hand Towel

Yoga emphasizes living in the present, helping your mind take focus away from the stress. Especially meditation helps you to reduce stress and the much-needed calm in today’s world. Rigorous Yoga sessions like power yoga or hot yoga will give you a sweaty body, hands, feet, face. Hence, the hand towel is mandatory. For beginners, a simple bathroom towel will do the job. But you can always choose to buy specific yoga hand towels as they are built in a way to absorb all the sweat and moisture.

Yoga Blanket

Like all other Yoga accessories, yoga blankets are great for perfecting your body alignment. Yoga blankets will give you the necessary balance and stability you need for certain asanas. You can roll it, fold it, and place underneath your joints, hips to get that comfortable seating. Also, after a tiring class, you can simply get cozy under your yoga blanket and rest your body. 

Yoga Bolster

Yoga has many health benefits like body awareness, body strength, memory power, increased energy, stress reduction, and many more. Practising yoga is also associated with youth, beauty, and long-life. It also helps in increased blood circulation in the body. Proper blood circulation is vital for our body to function healthily. Also, increased blood circulation will result in good memory and a strong attention-span. Yoga bolsters are mainly used in prenatal, healing, or yin yoga sessions. Bolsters are like a side body pillow which gives support and comfort to your body. Bolsters also help to provide alignment. You can rest bolsters on your back or put them under your hips during yoga practices or meditation.

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