Why Your Child Should Be Doing Yoga

Why Your Child Should Be Doing Yoga

Think that yoga is only for the middle-aged looking to rediscover their flexibility? Think again. While sports is essential for the healthy development of children, yoga can also play a vital role in the all-round development of your kids. Here are a few convincing reasons – 

  • Build Strength – Do not be deceived by the serenity of yoga poses – they are a serious exercise that packs a lot of calorie burn, challenge, and stretching. Practicing yoga regularly from a young age can help in bringing balance, strength, and mobility that will continue to pay well for a long time in your child’s life.
  • Build Mental Strength – Yoga hones discipline and concentration, provides time to reflect and introspect, improves memory, and helps in inculcating mindfulness. It has also been known to alleviate symptoms of and prevent, common mental problems such as stress and anxiety, thus giving important mental protection to your child. 
  • A Heritage Link – Yoga enables children to discover their links to the culture and heritage of the country they call home and can become a way of exploring and respecting the knowledge and wisdom of the past. For foreign nationals, yoga can be a great introduction to the rich cultural heritage of India.
  • Character Building – Yoga is a truly holistic exercise, one that not only builds the mind and body, but also personality. Yoga can become a great path to help children become more balanced, reflective, relaxed and observant, which can help them shine in all aspects of life, ranging from social to academics.
  • Family Time – Who says that you have to work out alone holed up in a gym? With group yoga classes, you can turn workout time into a fun bonding activity. You can learn from each other, encourage each other, and be there to celebrate each milestone as you advance in the discipline together. 
  • A Shield from Modern Vices – Yoga, when done from an early age, can protect children against the many problems the modern world brings, including the dangers of obesity, highly competitive academic environments, and the difficulties of identity formation, to name a few. Yoga can become an effective tool for them to deal with the many challenges of life. 

So as you can see, learning yoga can bring about all-around benefits for children, which will not only help them deal with their present, but also prepare them well for their futures. So go ahead and let your child open up a world of health, wellness, and possibilities by enrolling them in a yoga class today.

Our Next blog will talk about the Yoga poses suitable for kids! So, stay tuned for that!

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